what actually went wrong | Reviewer: dan green | 11/14/08

tom is a legend and the real reason he left blink was because of touring meaning he missed the birth of his daughter and hadnt seen his wife in two years. he went back to his family and stoipped talking to mark and travis directly, only through the manager, which irritated the others and tom hasnt spoken to either since that fateful day in 2005.
so glad i saw them just before they went.

emo... ya right | Reviewer: yo | 10/14/08

ya how many emo bands do you know with song names like... voyeur, happy holidays you basterd, alians exist, whats my age again... and album names like enema of the state and take off your pants and jacket!!!!!!!

blink just likes to have fun and their only serious songs are about stuff that acually happens to kids
they dont sing about randomly slitting their wrists cuz the world hates them lol

dumbass | Reviewer: Sperls | 10/7/08

hey i agree with the guy that said it was there music that got them through n this song just got sent tu a girl by me cause i can relate tu alot of wut they say but dude your a fuckin idiot yourself!!! u cant even spell pray right DUMBASS

it's perfect. | Reviewer: fiona. | 9/19/08

i love this song.
i only heard it a few minutes ago, and i'm sure i'm hooked on it for a good while. if things between me and her don't get better... :\
anyway. it's perfectly describing me and . yeah.
i love you blink!
thanks for your songs being my salvation.

f.u | Reviewer: blink | 9/7/08

who eva sais blink 182 are emo are fucking dickheads.what, just because they were black and tom has a side fringe your calling them emo.the were and still are one of the greatest PUNK bands of all time there lyrics have meaning and peole can relate to them and understand wat there going through.and who is this dickhead saying that emo saved there carreers. it was there music that got them through. anyway to every one els who still belives in them you neva no they still might get back together you neva no.there is not one day that doesnt go by were i dont hope and prey that they do.and untill they do i will still be there hopeing that they do.

... | Reviewer: Malin | 7/7/08

Blink 182 is motherfucking awesome. I don't care if Tom did something stupid or not, I will always love that dude. I love them all and I will never stop listening to Blink.

And this song, is great

ermm.. | Reviewer: hello. | 2/22/08

okayy there is nothing wrong with emo so dont say it like a bad thing and secondly.. this is a deep song not an emo song and you dont have to "scream like 6 year old gurls" for it to be an emo song. this is a fantastic song and its completely not emo at all so all of you who said it was or said tom was making the band go emo are all complete idiots that dont know what they are talking about. oh and by the way they also have happy songs too so ermm.. yeah

Blink 182 - gone from the charts but not from our hearts | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/13/08

as if Blink 182 are emo.
They're not emo.
Just because some songs are serious and describe real life situations like divorce, break ups, suicide, cheating etc doesn`t make them emo. Self Titled is my favourite album. Second favourite is Dude Ranch. they`re music is amazing, and their lyrics are so truthful.
What went wrong is not emo. Blink 182 aren`t emo. they`re the best. [=

cam182 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

what da fuck man blink wernt emo the dont dress like they were brout up in a morg and the dont cry aboult everthin pluss the dont screeam like 6 year old guirls on the songs the ahad a gr8 ballance off haapp and sad songs all whitch a amassing

best song | Reviewer: greg moffitt | 1/16/08

i am a huge fan of blink 182 and don't get me wrong when tom delonge made them go emo i hated it but yet at the same time this song means alot to me it explain how you feel at times when girls fuck you about on an album like take off your pants and jacket it was good that they had two serious song that u can relate to the show their adversity and how they can wirte serious songs even though the comical stuff is what amde me fall in love with this band!