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Performed by Blink-182

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what a song | Reviewer: E | 11/2/11

This has got to be one of the best songs I've ever heard.
"I'm so lost
I'm barely here
I wish I could explain myself
But words escape me
It's too late
To save me
You're too late
You're too late"
-Those are probably the most accurate lyrics to describe my life.

awsome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

i kinda feel like i can relate to it because this girl i really really REALLY like is goin out with this other guy and she kinda knew i liked her and i just feel like well the song its killing me idk what to do and i cant move on i just cant

Stockholm Syndrome | Reviewer: Hans | 10/26/10

Stockholm Syndrome is where a hostage falls in love with their captors. It is named for the event in 1973 aforementioned where it was first observed. So while that event is an example of it, it does not pertain to that specific event. So why does this song have that title? Personally, I would say the guys are talking about feeling like the feelings they have for somebody are only there because they've "taken them captive" not literally but metaphorically. Much easier to understand when you've had this feeling. Like you love them, but at the same time you hate them for what they've done to you.

We miss YOU BLINK!!! :( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/08

Stockholm syndrome is the condition that the hostages in a bank robbery in Stockholm, sweden had during the days under capture in 1973 where they started to feel emotionally attached to their hostage-takers(aka they were going alittle nutty!), like with the terms "paranoia". The term was coined by a pyschiatrist when they were under hostage. Unyways :P even before I learned that I thot this song was SICK! Their songs really mean more than alot of other band and singers songs! Nobody did it better than them... n noone ever will! Ya GO BLINK! Why did YOU have to GO! WE MISS YOU!!!

An amazing song<33 | Reviewer: Kelsey | 1/25/08

Its just awesome. My emotions run all over and it just makes me feel everything. I can pretty much relate to alot of their songs. Half the time I feel like crying cause it just hurts to think they're gone. D:

answer to Anonymos about the name. | Reviewer: AntonH | 1/12/08

I am also from Sweden, and ''stockholm syndrome'' means a thing when you have been kidnapped and have been hold as a hostiges. They call that coz in 1974-somthing so was there a bank-robbery, and they hold their hostiges in days in there, so they went nuts and beceme crazy... and that is somthing they mean with this song I guess. Paranoia and somthing, donoo if it have anything with the song to do but stockholm synndrome is about that ^^,

i love blink.. | Reviewer: 182lover. | 1/5/08

this song is amazing, i loveee blink 182, i wish they could see their mistakes and get back together, that would be the best day of my life!

Why Stockholm syndrome? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

I have just one little question. I'm from Sweden and I can't for my life figure out why the name of the song is Stockholm syndrome. What does it have with Stockholm to do? And by the way! Awesome song ;)

Feeling | Reviewer: Mia! | 4/8/07

I have listened and loved many, many bands... I enjoy all genres of music and if you give me the name of a band, I will most probably like them.
However, Blink 182 are just something out of this world for me. All three of them are so very talented. What gets me is how they've developed so brilliantly as a band and how well put together their music is. The lyrics are so fucking powerful and their wonderful voices just add to this really amazing, breathtaking kind of feeling. I couldn't possibly describe it. A good handful of their songs are very feel-good and fun too. Listening to them I feel at peace, I feel happy, I feel hurt, I feel miserable (but in an oddly happy sense); it just helps me in a lot of ways. A big reason why they are my favourite band is because they bring out many different feelings within me - I can truly connect with what they're saying. My favourite is their self-titled album - if you haven't heard it, please do!

whoa... | Reviewer: Phil Mckraken | 2/9/07

damn this song is awesome!!! its so good i listened to it over and over once i first heard it, cant you just imagine how much better there songs would of sounded if they didnt break up and make that new album...

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