LaLaLuVPuNk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/06

hey peoples .. i was under the impression this was a blink 182 REVEIW page not a LETS-BAG-OUT-GREEN.DAY page ... i like blink 182 ... they have some great music ... nd i also luvv green day .. more than blink 182 ... but i dont care ... if ur gonna write a reveiw saying about how bad another band is ... why bother?
oh well .. blink 182 is awesome [so iz green day] ... nd yea ... they r not the kings of punk .. dat would b da clash/ da sex pistols ... SO GO ND DEAL PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oki thats all i wanted 2 say
luvv yas all <3 LaLa

I ("v") blink-182 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/06

I LUV Blink-182 I think theyre the best band EVER!!!! Im sooo sad that they broke up i think they are waaaaaaaaaay better than greenday i listended to them for like a week and i got bored bleh. Mark is sooooo HOT! im gunna shut up now. GO BLINK-182!!!!

bahahahah U SUCK! | Reviewer: kat | 6/10/06

hahah greenday have points to their songs which is understandable yes i like them and i have been listening to them since i was little BUT!! the young grunge greenday were raad seeing as they had immature humor just as blink do and always will... "oh greenday are deeper" pfft MY ASS! dude they dnt like Government... how is that deep?? meh just gotta say blink ar the RAAD'st band out and always will be...
peace kids

Oh My God How the hell are green day still around? | Reviewer: Sam | 6/6/06

Green Day are so repetative im puzzled about there fame? blink are the greatest band of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv them ....... green day ahahahah wat a joke blink are the masters of PUNK!!!!!!!!!!! luv u all :)

Blink Are The Greatest band of all time | Reviewer: Sam | 6/6/06

Blink are amazin i listen 2 them all the time i dunno how u cant like em there AMAZIN green day suk ass 2 be honest good luck 2 angels n airwaves ! BLINK!!!!!!!!!!!182!!!!!!!!!!!

umm... sure. Wateva!!! | Reviewer: me loves green day | 6/5/06

I loves green day!! I find blink rather boring and repeditive. Like they can only sing about 1 thing (that thing proves that they never grew up) i don't hate them, i just prefure green day. Cause they are so much deeper and their music is acctual music. Blinks music is just like all over the place and hardly ever has a meldoy or a proper beat. I just find it annoying to listen to. Sorry but it is true and i am sure that all you blink fans feel the same about green day. I just don't find the same things entertaining in music as you all do. Well that was fun. Bye now!!!

Oh, and one more thing. If blink is so good. Then why is it they didn't last as long as green day? bands like blink just don't have the longengevity to keep going like green day. Green day went through a simmilar fight type thing in 2000, but they manged to work through it and make the masterpiee that is american Idiot!! Top that Blink 182! o right you can't. shit that was mean. o well!!

gO HoMe GrEeN DAY! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/06


Blink are true entertainers... | Reviewer: WaLkEr | 5/20/06

Ok for starters.... have u greenday fans ever seen blink live... well i have and i also went and seen greenday live as well... not only are blink better performers... but they have the charisma that no other band has got... greenday try this.... but it just doesn't cut it... anyways, in our modern day, blink 182 are by far the best performers and the trademark sounds of mark n tom are amazing.. also travis is one of the best drummers of today...

whatever | Reviewer: cortney | 5/4/06

blink 182 is sooo much better than greenday... greenday ALWAYS sounds the same and boring. blink 182 is so much better. why dont u go and just put comments on greendays page and stay off of blink 182's page!!!!

BLINK WOULD NEVER BE AS GOOD AS GREEN DAY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/06

i mean come on you all know it they didn't have future they suck!
and also, blink DID like green day so you better think about it.

blink=awesome / greenday=shit | Reviewer: ju ju | 4/19/06

ive been listening to blink since i was little, i would listen to them when my brother would put them on and ive never lost interest in them... not like green day i listend to them for a week then they got way to boring but blink are the best in the world i only wish they were still together the best song by blink is carousell

BLINK ROX!!! :) | Reviewer: Rhiannon | 4/17/06

Blink rox so much!!! I luv ALL their songs!!! They are the best band in the whole world!!! U ROCK BLINK 182!!! U ARE WAY BETTER THAN PIMPLE SLAM(SIMPLE PLAN)If u dont luv blink 182 u must be crazy!!! hehehe

Luv ya xoxoxoxoxoxo :)

Blink 182 is better | Reviewer: Cortney | 4/7/06

To all of you people sayin that green day is better and that blink 182's music is always the same then you need to stop puttin reviews on this page... green day is the one that never changes...There beats, voices, and lyrics always sound the same and it gets real old real quick... blink 182 has a lot better music and they freakin rock... i'm upset because they split... i still love blink 182 though...

blink rulz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/06

for those people that keep sending in that blink sux and that green day rulz and there the people that suk and also that guy that said that he has all the blink albums his a liar coz he hasnt got buddha i have alll them and the lyrics are not the same and niether are the drums U F*****g suk to those people that think blink sux there probly the best band ever and i reckon they should get bak together

Screw the green day lover | Reviewer: I love madde | 2/8/06

that fag musta been smokin sumthin. blink is tha best band ever. i got all of there albums (dud ranch ,cherish cat, enema of the state, take off ur pants and jacket, blink 182, and there greatest hit for all u dumasses that didnt no) it really suck that they broke up though...