real reason | Reviewer: tijsme15 | 11/17/08

the real reason why blink 182 was place in an indefinite hiatus because of the song "i feel so" by box car racers...tom borrowed travis barker instead of hiring or paying for a new onw to be the drummer in the song..mark was not included at they quarreled over these things then created thier own group....AvA & +44...

Punk rockers | Reviewer: prazol | 10/20/08

i started listening to punks after i heard to blink182 the most coolest think eva happened in this world..if i were the president n if there would have been life in other world and some fuckin alieans organise some fucking music competition ,than i would sent blink 182 to compete from the side of earth n no doubt they would rock...n like always

blink182 | Reviewer: kg | 7/19/08

blink 182 rocks i got all their songs god...
me 4 a 13th year old i know and i memorized all their songs... my favorite is Adam's song because of Mark's voice with the emotions you can see right to his eyes

long live | Reviewer: Svend | 5/21/08

Hey im svend from norway! im 40 years old and i love blink, i know its weard becuse im 40 years, but love their catchy sound, new pop-punk bands isent that good they have boyband vocals, blink have cool vocals like Tome delonge have..
its saf that they dont are together anymore, but we have +44 and Angels And Airwaves, good bands, tom said on modlife that he gonna make a punk album maybe and hes working with a new album to, and mark is also working with a new album, thats good:)

Hey! | Reviewer: Pirate | 3/19/08

I LOVE BLINK-182 THEY FREAKIN ROCK! Blink if you see this i want you to know that i am an extream fan me and my best friend have a couple songs together that we enjoy. with out you guys those songs wouldn't be a part of our mine hand hers lives. so thanks!


-and for you losers who might think that my nick name being pirate i must be a guy WRONG! I'm a chick no lies i promise that AND DON'T DIS BLINK NOR GREENDAY!! LIVE LIFE IN MUSIC!-

Blink 182 is Bad Ass!!! | Reviewer: Michie Face | 2/26/08

Dude Blink 182 EffiN awsome!!!
I love you guys so much!
Why the fuck did you guys break
I love your guys's music!!
I Could only listen to your guys's Cds over and over with out ever getting sick of them!
Well Im a true blink fan so fuck all you bitch ass hoes who hate them!!
Ps. Y0U guys are all freakin Hot!!!

stay togather for the kids | Reviewer: bbb | 2/22/08

iwish they would get back together the fans want blink 182 back they need o stay together for the kids like the song they wrote i am a true blink fan so i support plus 44and angels and airwaves and any band that scotts in

blink 182 is the shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/08

first off i gotta say i thought slipknot fans were hardcore but these blink fans make maggots look like the gay pansies who post on the fall out boy page ive been there to write bad reveeiws fob suck. as for the whole blink green day thing ill give it to blink cuz i dont like where green day is goin and blink wuz better to begin with. latr

Anal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/08

i am fucking sick of this, Yes Blink kickED ass they did but not anymore, infact they stopped rocking ass when they but out their last album, which was good but it wasnt blink. SO in conclusion
Old Blink=rocked the asses of everyone who listened
New Blink=Most Emo thing to pass for Pop-Punk

wow...u guys fucking rock | Reviewer: tashi | 1/9/08

hey guys ..its me one of the greatest fan of blink 182...well u guys fucking rock..u know wat m sayin nways u guys fucking broke still we guys hav the feeling dat blink 182 still rock,s...!n dats the fact...n guess wat blink 182 1st date song influenced me to hav awesome date wit my girl...!u knoe m sayin...!

plz go back together! | Reviewer: | 12/1/07

hey guys.....former fan nick here,first all i gotta say is...BLINK 182s AWESOME!!! man i remember the good ol days when i was 12 (im 13 now) me and my buddy drake seen a vid on much music it was blinks first date it was the best video ive ever seen from that day forward me and my pal drake have loved them ever since....alll most obsessed.....(not in no homoforic term lmao)

but rock on fanz and keep listening to there albums!!!

former fan...Nick

hey guys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

I think all the fuckin bitches who say they don't love blink should suicide... they aren't able to appreciate good music... "you suck" really sucks :p. You don't have to compare blink and green day, they worked together, it's not fair to say "I believe green day's better blah blah blah..." when you see all the fucking amazing songs from blink-182. that's it. nothing to say against it.

wow | Reviewer: dakota | 10/8/07

dude that guy thinks green day is better

wow he deffinatley should kill himself

in no way does green day even compare to blink 182 or +44

and no way there emo music wasnt as good as the punk but hey its still blink and it was still amazing

The ( you suck ) dude sucks horse cock! | Reviewer: Danny | 10/2/07

Hey fuck you dude if you dont like blink 182 then why the hell would you fuckin come on this site and say shitt. fuckin blin has more tallent in taking a shitt than you do at any thing in your cum guzzling life!. Blink Rules and so do all there True fans!. and im a True Blink Fan for life! i got all there cd's and dvd's and can play som of travis's songs :)

waaaaaaaaaaa... you're so fucking rock! | Reviewer: chris | 8/23/07

The first time i here the song of blink 182, i was so impressed. I wish blink 182 will come back to make new and impressive song... yeah!