Markus? Allen? | Reviewer: Cece | 4/10/12

I would like to point out that I LOVE BLINK 182, Mark is my favorite person in the world but his name isn't markus, it's just mark. And his middle name is spelled Allan not Allen. And how can you mess up 'can I say'? Can I sad is not even, nvm. But Mark and Tom used to make fun of that tattoo, thy said it means can I say I'm gay ;)

the old shit | Reviewer: antrum trivillixus | 4/4/11

dude ranch is my favorite. actually anything from dude ranch down is great. enema is kind of the dividing line between the old blink and the new, it was decent but after that it got too mainstream and ,frankly, it just got shitty. im a fan of the more punk esc. shit they had going for them. some of my favorites are Lemmings, Wasting Time, even Alone off of flyswatter (if you can get over the shitty quality its a pretty good song.) their cover of Hope by the Descendents is even pretty good.
imo, pre enema > post enema

Blink | Reviewer: Sahil Hoppus | 12/31/10

I to am a fan of blink 182....i rellly love the bridge of their song......they rule...i am a huge fan of marks voice,tom's hair and travis's skills of using the hi-hat and the side basses...they ruleeee

Favorite band in the world | Reviewer: Tyler | 7/13/10

I listen to blink-182. favorite album of there's has to be Buddha. I love every song equally though, the punk ones a bit more than the newer stuff with Travis. I miss the old punk rock blink with Scott but the old music will always be there. I don't like Travis anymore, when he started doing on his rap shit is when i stopped caring for him. 21 Days is their best song in my own opinion. I feel they never should have gotten back together and it just ruined everything. I hope that the new record doesn't suck like some people think it will. Well R.I.P blink-182 1992-2005

blink-182 = love. | Reviewer: amylouise | 6/11/10

i totally agree with the legend who wrote that travis made their songs better. they were far from even okay when scott was in the band, on the other hand, when travis joined they became something else entirely. however i don't believe that solely travis makes the band what it is, everything put together: the amazing drum beat, the guitars, and their singing makes them utter legends. in my opinion, i think it's their personalities that make them my favourite band ever.
for two of tom's funniest videos on youtube (that i've seen, anyway), watch: tom delonge drunk interview, and tom delonge bloopers. enjoy LMAO :'). so glad they're back together. 08/02/2009 - forever please? that is all :)

i love blink | Reviewer: kaitlyn | 5/30/10

omg i love blink 182 they came out the year after i was born and to go back as long i can remember they have been my fav. band,idol,and matter what mood im in, they have a song for it.which makes my day.

Blink-182 | Reviewer: rabaka | 4/17/10

i truly love blink 182 not just because thier music effen rocks they also leed a new era of punk rock bands ones that arent nearly as AWESOME as they are but have the same goals in mind wish they get back toghether not just for us for thier music thier reputation for what they sang for what they belived in ...FOR PUNKS EVERYWHERE

Best there ever is | Reviewer: Shawn Biltz | 3/13/10

Wow, they are really something,and they are something incredible i should say. Thank good for creating our body to react that way when we humans get drunk, (just like Tom). Just 3 men is all it takes to make some of they greatest music that have impacted millions of people around the world, and i am 1 of the million. Tom and Mark both sing the right song for there very diffrent voices. There will be a day when they all 3 stop play, but the CDs will always be rolling. I Love BLINK-182

i m biggest craziest n worl no 1 fan of blink182 they my life | Reviewer: samba | 12/8/09

h mark tom and travis .I thought i m 1 of craziest of your band.When i listen your then i start get mad.i start paly drum when i saw travis paly only dream is to see blink182 then i will die peacefully.

wtf | Reviewer: scotty | 7/2/09

ok hi i'm a big fan of travis barker and the little fact that is written about him is a little wrong :/ he has a tattoo along his collar bane that reads "can i say" not "can i sad" "can i say" being the name of dag nasty's album which is one of travis barker's fave bands when he was younger. :) <3 scotty xx pluss i'm a very very big fan of blink 182 i have the frickin logo tattoo and everything, i am soooooooo happy blink are back its soo awsome. x

you saved my life | Reviewer: matchstickangel | 5/20/09

down is the song that has meant the most to me in ma whole life.these guys spoke ma heart n soul in that song.n its true small things matter th most even when they r just crap n esp when they wrong.p.s luv u jackline

:) | Reviewer: giuodsfg | 3/18/09

so stoked that they're back, i don't think you understand. they are the loves of my life. their music is such an inspiration for me, i live off their lyrics and i relate to them. people tell me i'm the blonde haired, green eyed, underwear-less girl in the party song. love love love love love love, i will force a divorce between mark and skye, and he and i will marry. swear to god, it'll happen ;) <3

BACK!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Lyndsay | 2/18/09

Their music helped me a lot when I was going through some hard times in my life. I'm glad they are going to continue to make music and that their legacy will live on for years to come.
Love ya Blink, glad you're back. <3

...... | Reviewer: kevin | 1/14/09

i agree with blink 182 is my life!!!! a personal life should come before a band. tom wanted to be with his family and offered to record demo's at his house for blink 182, but mark and travis thought that he was lying and it would be a good chance for him to go solo, due to the fact that they read Tom's e-mail and found an offer to go solo from a record company, and also there was the boxcar racer ordeal which mark DID have a singing part in. im just glad they're finally talking and hanging out again. they have both stated that a re union tour is yet undecided and that they haven't even thought about it yet. they're just trying to catch up on old times.

blink-182 is my life!!!! | Reviewer: ( | 1/4/09

K first off I want to say
Happy birthday,
Tom-December 13
Mark-March 15
Travis-November 14

I am the biggest Blink fan there is.
I think that their breaking up was ok. I think that a personal life comes before a band, and that their new bands will never be as good as blink. Tom Travis and Mark created something beautiful when they were together, because they all put their own talents together to make what was blink.
What made blink in my opinioin was travis. I'm not saying that drums are better than guitars, I'm a guitarist but I think Travis was better at the drums than Mark and Tom were on their instruments.When Scott was in the band their lyrics and fun songs made them famous. Then wen Travis finally joined the band, their music along with their lyrics made them Punk legends.