Blink 182 | Reviewer: Trista | 2/24/05

omg i love blink 182, they are the sexiest band ever!!!!!!!!!!! i love mark so much!!!!!


wow | Reviewer: wendz | 2/13/05

Blink rule n theyre original. i saw them live at wembley they were amazing :D

u guys rok! | Reviewer: Kelly | 1/20/05

i love blink!
they rok my world. i think that mark is so hot and his wife is so lucky.
i love u guys so much!

wow | Reviewer: ashley | 1/19/05

they're awesome and i love there music!!! =D

The Blink 182 | Reviewer: Tones | 12/28/04

Blink 182 are great. i only have their newest album but went to buy thier old ones but they are waaaaaaaay expensive. I want to see them in concert but dunno wen thy're coming to Oz. Don't pay em out. Hopefully they'll still be going in 5 years.

YAY | Reviewer: Annabear | 12/15/04

ya, blink 182 has like fully consumed me and it's kinda weird. They are the sexhiest band ever, they like, burn my eyes with their hotness!! I have been obsessed with them literally since i was seven. i have every single album and i am positively in love with them :) i think it's crazy if you don't like them because they are just so awesome. I would bone them.

all the small things | Reviewer: luelle | 12/4/04

i think that all small things is the sweetest song ever
plus three hot guys are singing it but hey its good and i also own a few of thier albums and so far liked like 90 % of all their stuff and seeing as i am a kind of hard critic that is damned good

ewww. | Reviewer: coco | 10/31/04

blink 182 is not very good they are not original or have good guitar parts. green day is 1000x better :)

rock on | Reviewer: Mel | 10/13/04

Blink 182 is the best band in the world. No argument. They are so so amazing, I love them so much. They are v sexy and write the best music ever I have all of their albums apart from The Mark Tom and Travis Show and Flyswatter. But I WILL get them don't you worry about that! xox

Blink 182 | Reviewer: T | 9/27/04

Blink 182 are great! Their music is so good , I checked every song in their 3 last albums and enjoyed them all!!! (Enema of the State , Take Off Your Pants and Jacket and Blink 182)..they were all GREAT! Their style is unique and i hope they will never stop making music!

I BLINK-182! | Reviewer: Aimee | 8/17/04

I love Blink-182 sooo much! They ish the sexiest band ever! They're music is tha best! lots of luuuv lmao