Whatever! | Reviewer: KaReN | 1/14/06

Oh come on people! How dare you say Blink's better than Green day??? First of all Blink has thesame Drums in ALL of their songs (lame) and you can hardly even hear the bass!!Second of all their lyrics are so simple!!(where are you, and I'm so sorry, I can not eat, I can not drink tonight)... Even my little sister can write them... Listen to Green Day lyrics for a change, now that's some deep shit all of you people who think Blink beats G.D. won't even understand.

i love blink | Reviewer: kc | 1/13/06


BLINK BLINK BLINK!!!!!! | Reviewer: Chris | 1/3/06

Blink kicks so muc ass. I just got their greatest hits album and the live one. It is the best one ever!!!!! Impossible to get but it was worth it. I'm a huge Mark fan, he is awsome on the bass, Tom always waillin on those drumms and Tom Has some sweet songs with the vocals. If anybody wants to talk blink email me at themac_avsfan_33@hotmail.com
There will be nmo topping the blink sensation!!!!

Green Day SUCKS!!! | Reviewer: The Punk Lover | 12/21/05

Heey Guys im From Holland i Listen punkrock about 3 months i just love blink182, simple plan, de heideroosje and mxpx but Blink just simply is the best so i just cant stand the fucking song of green day - why blink will never be as good as green day those fucking britisch buttfuckers think they're the best but they totally aint!!!!! ... thats my opinion.. tnq you

I LUV BLINK | Reviewer: BLINK_FAN_182 | 11/17/05


I luv u soooo much blink 182 | Reviewer: Stephanie | 10/22/05

omg when i heard that blink split i was at school wif my friends they told me the news i was balling my eyes out i wouldnt go to class i tried to hide in the bathroom it didnt werk i was sooo upset i went home and listened to blink 182 fullblast.there songs make u get ova the bad times and its a hole lotta fun.i only have 2 albums but i no all there songs and most of the lyrics.they r the best band in the whole entire world and u must admit that coz its a 100% true and if u like any1 but blink 182 ur a drop dead losa bigtime.......i no everthing bout them....to all u blink 182 luvers u have a great taste in music and u have all my votes...i love u tom ur voice rox the house down .....travis u r the fastest drummer in the world.....and mark ur cool luv the pink guitar....i wish ya didnt split coz i luv u tooo much.
if u have anything to say bout blink 182 contact me at little_stephie_rocks@hotmail.com omg blink 182 i miss u soooo much

!!!!!!!! love u | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/05

dont complain about them bringing out new music , they have done loads of song and loads of great albums, enjoy it

much love BLINK >182<

BLINKYR DOODLES I MISS Y-O-U!!! | Reviewer: roxy | 10/3/05

oky dokers.. heres the thing ( he he he i sound like ned flanders ) well , these guys need a break do you no how many fucking albums they put out!!! and like tours and interviews and magazine covers and all that other crap.
not that im saying i dont like them or like dont want them back , i just think they need a little break frmo all this shit. they got families , travis got a new baby ,and the rest of em need family time and god only nos wht the else there doin. but o well .... i really hope they come back in the long run , there like my favorite band of all time , like one sexy llama said *lol* they really impact alot of emotians into there songs , well most anyways.. ( the song depends and other arnt like alot emotianated lol ) but there so awesome , and it will suck donkey balls if they dont come back but i would understand cause if i was on tour and couldnt see my family for like a couple months id b bumbed too. like if you saw the episode of um... meet the barkers wherehe had to go on tour , of how much shanna and his kids missed but o well , i really hope they come back soon , there kick ass
- roxy

I miss Blink | Reviewer: thats one sexy llama | 7/27/05

why did they have to take a break? I'm still gutted about it, all this time down the line. Its hard to think that Blink 182 might be their last album EVER.Man that would suck.

I never saw them in concert, I only have one of their albums and I dont know alot about their pasts, family life etc. So some people may say I'm not a real fan. But when listening to someones music gets you through the roughest year of your life when you parents split, your brother and your boyfriend die and your best mate moves to a completely ifferent country, and when your on the brink of letting go of everything and one song changes your mind and makes you a little stronger evrytime you listen to it (adams song), I think that I can class myself as a fan.

I'm not on here slating other Blink-esque bands like Simple Plan or Good Charlotte, because alot of music in similar catergories sounds the same. ITS CALLED MUSIC CLASSIFICATION. I'm just letting people know how powerful these guys music is, and I miss their music alot.

I hope they come back from their break soon, but until then, I say as a fan I think all us blinkheads will stay true and be there when they release their comeback album.

(but I'm sorry, blink are just better than Green day, no contest.Altho green day live is fucking amazing, the emotional depth and unique vocals in Blink's music are just not challenged by Green Day. Soz :-)

blink is da bomb | Reviewer: ami | 7/10/05

I love blink so much!! I HATE SIMPLE PLAN! Blink is soo cool. Travis is soo sexy and simple plan suck. Sorry, i just hate simple plan, they want to be like blink (but they cant be coz blink are shibby and simple plan isnt and neva will be), they have songs called shut up and untitled wen blink have songs call that already. Soz simple plan lovers lol. Anywayz, blink rock and i love travis and tom and mark are both sexy and hell funny. If ya hate them then u suck. Cyazz!

always blink | Reviewer: lex | 5/29/05

this guys just rock, they're the damn kings of the punkrock, no fucking simple plan or more fucking good charlotte can even touch blinks feets.


I was bord | Reviewer: Got high off of a orange | 4/11/05

hi, i was bord you might no me from my past reviews my past name was , hello my name is : somone with a cause so i was lookin on my past 300 sights and i saw whatever this websites name is , im to lazyto look for it. And so i have a question as u all MIGHT no that i there was a thing on TRL that theres a band comin out with Mark hoppus ( bass , vocals ) and Travis Barker ( drummer ) called +44 i think ( not sure though ) and so . . . Whats up with Tom Delonge ??? like mark and travis are still in the spot light sorta with the new band "Meet the Barkers" and Mark was featured on Trippin with Camren Diez or however u spell her name so . .. WHATS UO WITH TOM ????? IM me or e-mail me to give me the deal @ alrgk2cherledurz.com or just alrgk2cherledurz

hi . . . um ,sry i couldnt find a good subject | Reviewer: hello, my name is : Someone with cause | 3/28/05

okay. wtf? some girl wrote "blink-182 isnt that good greenday is 1000x better" #1 this is not a greeday site go ahead take ur time some where else none cares go shove that thought up ur ass #2 blink-182 are the best punk rock,rock,alternitive,pop rock what ever u want to put that cadigory in but whatecer they are they rock. So if anyone has anything bad to say about blink-182 . . . . . . NO ONE GIVES !

OKAY WHOEVR WROTE UM . . . | Reviewer: hello, my name is : someone with a cause | 3/28/05

okay n e ways that grl who said "blink-182 kinda stinks greeday is 100x better" or something WELL . . . . all the song u prolly head was whats my age again all the small things and /or i miss u so shut ur mouth

Blink 182 rocks | Reviewer: keshia | 3/23/05

thomas,markus,travis are all drop dead sexy and all of there albams rock they are the sickest band eva. i love them so much they are my fav.i seen them live they are the bomb. if you dont love them your crazzy love kesh xxx