A Confused Person On Trip to Find himself | Reviewer: Cecilia M. Thierry | 5/24/12

You were trying to find yourself. It seemed as if you are trying to find your purpose in life. It seemed as though you were running from some of the things that hurt you. But life has a way of healing itself. You are still running from them. You see, you have not found your way out of the maze. you have ended up back where you were.

You have to live one day at a time one cannot fix everything. sometimes; life can throw a big rock into your path. One must stop and gather himself. Life never promised you are "Rose Garden. one must stop and so to ( to speak) smell the roses. and since one cannot fix every thing and one want to keep his sanity y, stop and gather his faculties. and. God never promised man a heaven on earth. one must pull himself out of the funk that he is stuck in. no one gets out of this life alive, you can bet on that. you must know that this is called depression. I have been there many of times. I refused to let myself be caught in this funk. You have to keep on living. if not for you for you family. if not family, than yourself. I'm your family now Baby. at lease I want to be. If you love me You'll wait for me. I love you so much I hate to see you hurting. I want you I need you, I need your love. Remember I love you. I have never stop loving you. You belong to me. that is why i write to you and want you and love you. I need you in my life. I love you with out any bars. You are my love of the Love of my life. I never thought that I would ever find someone this late in my life. But i have and it is in you. I'm nothing without you. Please believe, I love you much. What ever you think, think of me. I want you and I always will care for you.

My Soon-to-be Army Boyfriend | Reviewer: Allie | 11/28/10

well, this song to me fits my situation with my incredible boyfriend I've had for almost 2 years now. he's signing up for the army real soon, maybe going to be a lifer. we might split up because of it, we aren't sure yet. not because we're fighting, not get along, or have fallen out of love, but because he wants what's best for me. so, we're thinking about that although I'm really on the "let's stay together" side. he also said it's completely up to me. I'm most likely going to stay with him, love's love no matter how often you see your partner, endurance is one of the things that makes love stronger, I think...


"Hello there, the angel from my nightmare
The shadow in the background of the morgue
The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley
(he quite literally "saved" me in a way when we first started taking interest in each other..)
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
(me thinking; 'you don't have to do this, stay...')
Where you can always find me
We'll have Halloween on Christmas
('we could do whatever we want, whenever, &be happy with our lives &each other...')
And in the night we'll wish this never ends
We'll wish this never ends"

"...I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight
(makes me sick thinking he'll be gone, I can't sleep)
I need somebody and always
This sick strange darkness
(of thinking of him leaving for something I really know he isn't going to like)
Comes creeping on so haunting every time"

"...and hear your voice of treason
(when he leaves, I'll rarely ever get to hear his voice)
Will you come home and stop this pain tonight
(me thinking; 'dont go..')
Stop this pain tonight"

"Don't waste your time on me you're already
The voice inside my head
(me thinking; 'it's your life, go if you want, I really shouldn't tell you what to do with yourself, so I'm not going to..')"

then all of that kind of goes back up to:
"..like indecision to call you
(I want to tell him to stay home with me, but I really shouldn't.)"

eergh. ;/

love is complicated | Reviewer: loving hard core | 9/26/10

never ever think your in love. you must know your in love. this song states (in my eyes) that you cant let go of that one special person you love. after ther gone, there gone. theres no way in getting them back. yet you cant get them out of your mind. you want to talk to them. but you cant. you want the good old days to come back but they wont and you want your life with that one special guy to repeat its self. TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO STLL HAVE YOUR PARTENERS: be happy cause tommorow they could be gone in a flash. i love you *......*! -pooh bear

The Nightmare Before Christmas | Reviewer: Sabbath | 7/24/10

i love seeing what you all think the song means, some of the ideas are beautiful

and music means something different to everyone :)

but in actual fact this song is written about the Tim Burton move The Nightmare Before Christmas (my fave movie of all time) which is the bands fave movie too :D

Miss her | Reviewer: Angga | 6/15/10

This song is awesome!Tough i always think this song has a deep meaning,and then i get it..
This song remind me to a person that broke me hard,shattered all my dreams on it,because she's cheat on me.. Though i still love her for now..I still don get it why a relationship that i cared for 4 years broke because another man can and talked about shit..
Still i cant lose her..And just saying, "miss you,miss you" miss you F..
And when tom delonge have tour in jakarta again??I want to watch him again for the second time..

Blink 182 review | Reviewer: fordrough | 6/14/10

The thing about this song is that it describes the things that you feel for someone you do not have but who have you and yet do not want you. The words to me describe the devastating grief of unrequited love perfectly. Painful and harsh lyrically the song is also an incredible track musically... in my opinion.

I Miss you my friend | Reviewer: Jc | 1/30/10

I agree with you chase, this guy regrets it so much, he just wants things back as they were, and this is just hurting him a lot now.
He realizes what he lost, what he did, and he Misses it, he knows he has to let go, but he can't just do that, it's hard, he Loves her ;c
Recently, just listening I discovered this meaning of the song.
The thing is, I'm this guy, and know i'm the hurted one.
Sorry for all the things, and good you don't waste anymore your Time.
I Miss You My Friend.
Goodbye, Love you L.

remember 2night | Reviewer: blinker fans | 8/27/09

BLINK 182 how are you? I miss you. Okey,i like song! This remember me 2 my sister,my friend,en my lovely. I miss you,perfect song. But,i don't know where you home? I wish u're live in Canada again! Or Indonesia. Be-cauz. My family life at Indonesia. One more,u know'PIECES'? Oh,yeah! Definitely,maybe you know. I like too the song. For Tom Baker,"Box Car Racer" not knowing people in Indonesia! Are they know BCR? Maybe,they not know! I hope u're can live in Indonesia! Bye...

i miss u | Reviewer: chase | 8/4/09

okay so heres wat i think.someone the narrators really close with has left him. in the beggining hes thinking back on things they use to do and wants things to be the same again.

so his friend is completly changed and hes srry for pushing her away and just wants her to come back becuz they were really close and hes losin sleep over her. "catching things and eating their insides" is a metaphor for how hes feeling with his indecision to call her.he wants to talk things over and try to put thing s str8 becuz its hurting him for things to be how they are now.and your voice of treason is things she says that he knows are not true but he wants to beleive them anyway.all he wants is for her to go back to how she used to be.

then the chorus is him trying to tell himself he needs closure and that shell forever just be in his head if he doesnt and the i miss u part is like him fighting with his head and heart becuz theyre sayin 2 diffrent things.his head says let go but his heart says keep trying.

la la laaa </3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/09

i love this song.
i love this band.
i love tom ; i wish he was mine
but sorry tom, i love someone more than you
haaah , awee i wanna cry
this guy, we dated, then hes like a totall manwhore, he like my bestfriend,
he honestly was perfect minus him adding every single girl he could possibly find that was *hot* on facebook. how shallow right ?
well your wrong, he wasnt like that
now hes dating my other best friend, and she knows obviously he will always mean alot to me, like whats with the ex's and friends ?
cant they just stay the fuck away ?
w.e dude i guess theres * more fish in the see *
but i still love him and i always will
and i dont think he ever got to really know me,
im different.

this song makes me feel a little better, thats hard to do | Reviewer: Summer | 3/28/09

ok, well i really liked this guy and i asked him out and he said no. Actually, he told 1 of my friends to tell me no. i know you guys probly don't care-like why should you?- but i loved him so much and he shattered my heart into a billion little shards. every time i saw him, which was every day,(curse you school)it ripped my heart open again.

Here's my story | Reviewer: Girl in love | 12/30/08

I'm sure you people don't give a **** about what I'm going through, I mean why should you anyway, lol, but I need to let go and share this with anybody. I love this guy so much it's crazy and I have since I met him, almost 2 years ago, we've been great together and I know for a fact that he loves me too. The thing is that in our culture all of this bf gf crap doesn't go, but evrybody has one on the 'insides'. Unfortunatley I've been caught, lol I bet y'all saying wth what crime did I committ but not evry place is the same ( u knw in terms of culture n wat is ok n wat is not). We have faced so much trouble and problems we're still together after everything we've gone through, we have both endured so much pain but we're together and stronger than ever. I miss him like hell and I want to be close to him again. This song is so amazing, it just captures you no matter what your situation is as long as you miss that someone. I miss him but I love him more. aaaah that was alot of crap of my chest, lol. t.c ppl . =D

I (ALWAYS) MISS YOU! | Reviewer: I MISS YOU! | 12/23/08

I cannot sleep.. I cannot dream tonight.. I miss someone that i love him so much.. He looks perfect for me.. Altought he had a girlfriend, but i will waiting him, waiting him and always waiting him to falling in love with me altought i know that's impossible.. Yeah! I MISS YOU..

my thoughts on this song <3 | Reviewer: Alci | 12/21/08

ok i see there a incredible love there.....

now somewhere in that story they both fought and they put the blame on each other, cuz the dude says im sorry meaning he said some stuff, and she must have said some stuff or did some stuff becuz he talks bout voice of treason, now it seem the guys wants to forgive her all they way cuz she means that much, u can assume she loves him as much........

but they guys says dunt waste ur time on me ur jus the voice inside my head, yet it says i miss you..... thats some contradiction, now the man might have some sense of pride in which the grl really messed up as like if she cheated or something, u noe then jus dunt waste ur time, but he doesnt care cuz he rezlizes pplz are human and we make mistakes as she did a mistake, and he misses her oD, but still he noes its too late and rather jus let go and move, but he still misses her regardless.......

like wat if the song title is like literal? like wat if that one part of the song dunt waste ur time on me ur the voice inside head is literal? like the man is crazy, he doesnt need her cuz her voice is wit him always like she did him so wrong thats all he has left of her?......

but wat if he not even talkin to her? wat if he is having an internal battle of right and wrong? like the verses is the part that tells him to get her back and the chorus is jus to let her be move, jus keep the good memories that u two had in ur head?......

but wait wat if he is fighting himself??? like he misses wat he use to be and wants himself the way he was back then, wat if he is crazy???......

but wat if shes dead? like think bout it

angel: her
shadow: her/image of her
morgue: her dead body is there
victim: can be him take the loss and her being dead
and after that he thinks bout how is shoulda have been and how much he loves her

where are u: shes no longer there to be wit him
im sorry: he could have saved her
i cannot sleep or dream: her being dead has affected him so much that its unbearable
i need some1 and always: that would be her
strange sickness, darkness, haunting: he feels her near by maybe as a ghost he feel some presence maybe which make him sad
webs from the spiders: there must have been some trapped incident that caused her death
eatin their inside: results of being trapped therefor she died
indecision to call u: he trys to pray to god but somewat doesnt believe in god either but is willing to try to contact god so he can talk to her jus one more time
the voice of treason: he feels betrayed that she died b4 her time and left him all alone hence the fact he said im sorry in the beggining noeing it wasnt her fault
will u coem home and stop this pain tonite: he jus wants her to come back to life to his world noeing this is impossible, hes so desperate

now finally the this part

dunt waste ur time on me ur already the voice inside my head: he finally wants to let go and she doesnt need to contact him as a ghost or w/e, he wants to find closure for the fact that she not wit him any more, hes trying to find peace, but at the same time not forget who she was, the times they had, he ideals and morals, and he can still miss her but still his life, she will always be in his head as a guide

idk there are my many thoughts on this song, its a great song i cherish is complexity yet its simpleness

Blink182 4 life

<3 | Reviewer: Vikki | 12/18/08

This song reminds me of this guy. I really like him and i care for him...yet we're not even friends. We've chatted a bit and i feel so connected to him it's...weird. It's the holz now and i miss him so much...

Miss you..miss you..