I miss you | Reviewer: karo | 10/26/08

I think this was the first song I ever heard from blink-182. And I love this. And every time I hear this I think one my good friend 'cause she like this too and I don't know. This song just remind me from her.<3

Go blink 182 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/08

Blink 182 are mad and i think that this is one of there better songs not that any of the others are shit or nothing they are all good but this is one of the better one's

You rock blink 182 and you should get back together and show all those assholes how to play some music

agela you got problems | Reviewer: Jordan | 1/27/08

dont ever make fun of blink 182 or their fans.and u nowat u could go srew off for all i care so wat agela!!!!!!!!!also blink 182 rocks and should get back together i miss them.they were awsome thats why they should get back together

its all true | Reviewer: Rae | 12/29/07

it is all true it happend to me and it is really hard to get over i listen to it all the time now its the bet song in the world


its true | Reviewer: KAITLINN | 12/19/07

this song is AMAZING and its all true i went out with this guy and he dumped me for my bestfriend and i reallly miss him, and wish me and him could be together again :( </3

Blink 182 Should Get Back together*!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/07

I Love This Song Soo Much...
Blink 182 Are Awesome And Should Get Back Together No Joke They Are The Best Band In The World*!!
Never Heard a Better Band!

I LOVE You Blink 182 (L) x

I miss you.... | Reviewer: Katekynn Burnett | 8/18/07

I love this song. Because it explains all feelings. Wanting somebody that your not with, Missing someone your with, and missing someone you broke up woth. Its an amazing love song that words cant even explain.

PERFECT | Reviewer: I MISS YOU- blink182 | 7/30/07

ohhh i love this song I think that was the best song of this group, describes all that we have felt sometimes and when u don't see one person is an important help. I love it, and of course I wish that this group will be together another time

<3 | Reviewer: Christina | 7/24/07

This song is so cute.
I love the chorus.
Its so amazing.
Rock on Blink 182!!!
I wish u all were still together =[

best song | Reviewer: el huevo | 6/6/07

since the separation of blink 182 i've been listenig to all their songs this is the most beatiful song that i have heard of the...hope they start again

sovaco | Reviewer: agela | 5/20/07

why you did not shaved that bitch before putting her in the video that fucking whore is mad ugly shelooks like a damn ho, slut and shave your heads all of you too you gay ass bastors

DUDE COME BACK!! | Reviewer: i love blink like whoah!!! | 5/16/07

heyy omg i love you guys.. u need to come back and make more records!!!!<33 peacee, love, blink<3

I Miss You - Blink-182 | Reviewer: CrazyC | 4/21/07

Blink-182 are great guys. I love them songs, the lyrics and the guys themselves...but 'I Miss You' is one of the greatest songs...Just GORGEOUS. Guyd carry on like that - awesome work!!!

Great job Blink. | Reviewer: Roshni | 4/7/07

I think Blink had come a long way from their first crazy outgoing singles. Im sad to hear that this band is no more. But this song really shows that they werent just junkies , and they did have a sensitive side. I appreciate that they would make a more thoughtful song. Im glad to say , this song really did good for Blink. I wish they were still around, even so theyll always be a great band.

what a fantastic song! ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/07

this is the fantastic song! And anyone who says otherwise is just stupid.