memories ... good song! | Reviewer: amanda | 2/23/07

rock on Blink 182! You guyz rocked making this song. Brings back MANY memories! Good work.

Good Work | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/06

This song by Blink 182 is awesome because you can think about someone that you really care about, especially your girfriend. it can be considered a love song or a dedication. Nice Work- Blink 182

Wicked Stufff. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/05

I love Blink-182 with a firey passion and I think that the lyrics to this song really show a more sensitive side to them. (rather than cuss words and running around LA naked :P)The song was inspired by the movie 'The Nightmare Before Chirstmas' and I think that adds to the general awesomeness of the song. I love Blink-182, the song, the lyrics, the whole deal. Woohoo!

Blink 182 new level of maturity | Reviewer: david | 9/29/04

Blink once again proves their staying power with the release of MISS YOU. A powerful, playful and very well written "wonder song". Incredible to watch these lads form, re-form and progressively advance their sound album after album. Good work lads! Great song!

this song rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/04

blink has done a great job on this song and i think it rocks, the only bad thing is that i get this song in my head even if i just read the lyrics but that isn't really a bad thing. the guys are a great band and i hope that more work like this will be heard from them soon. i hope all you pplz out there enjoy this song coz i got a lot out of it. KEEP ROCKIN PPLZ!! :D :P