i miss her so | Reviewer: Francois | 11/25/2007

this band is quite possibly the best of all time. No one will ever be better. angels and airwaves and +44 arent even close they should just get back together. Good music rock on.

powerful | Reviewer: jesus is for lovers | 4/3/2007

i my self am now getting over a long term relation ship and it sucks so i just listen to this song

by the way my bands name is jesus is for lovers look for us we'll be out their like blink

my opinion | Reviewer: lucia | 1/7/2006

well i really don't find it helpfull
i just wanted to read the lyric of this song
i love the way this group sing
the way they compose songs
the singes, yeah!
this is a grat band and it's a pity the had separeted
i'm so sad about that!

awesome baby | Reviewer: meagan | 4/1/2005

i love this song. i think it totally rocks. but im confused on how to get the lyrics on my screen. :(

This stopped a mistake | Reviewer: Marc .D | 2/14/2005

Well i'm new at this review thing so i.m just gonna say wats this song makes me feel like. this song did stop a mistake because i was concidering breaking up with my girlfriend and then i found this song listened and liked it. It touched me in a way. So i'm gonna give dis relationship wit J another chance maybe it will work thanks to this song it really helped.:)Rock on my friends!