Uwbzlsdhdudd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/11

This song is totally about me haha. I mean like "hates the jocks, the preps, and hippie fucking scumbags." that's like exactly how I feel about everyone at my school haha. And Tom is the shit dude I've always wanted to be like him. so yeah these guys are kickass

i love blink 182 | Reviewer: jill | 11/28/09

amazzing lyrics right there!! lol i dress sorta sportyy/girlyy ishh idk but i am a rocker at heartt without a doubt i hate all that f*IN trash they plaay on the pop radio stations(whateverr its called) its gay bottom line and all those singers cant sing to save there life. the real music is ppl like the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, foo fighters, green day, blink 182, u knowww ectt foreverrr,...kk BYEE ROCK ON FOREVER BLINK 182<3

favorite song | Reviewer: shantel | 10/3/09

i like this song. and if people care what i wear and there stuck up bitches this is what i say to there faces....."FUCK OFF" but thats just me. i dont care what people think of me. people can hate me for no reason and i wouldn't give a fuck. ROCK ON

....... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/09

I love this song...but...
Whats wrong with hippies and metalheads???!!!
I myself would be a bit of a rocker and so are my friends and we dont try to fit in or get high we have fun and live our lives and dont give a shit...
Still love the song just saying..

lovelovelove | Reviewer: brittle | 12/13/08

this song is fucking awesome. what sucks is that they broke up.... apparently it was because Tom has a family and stuff.... and you can't keep being the same rad kids in Blink 182 when you have to set a good example. argh, these guys are still my fucking heroes. fucking rock my socks.

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/08

this song is an anthem its my favorite lyrics along with:
"I dont wanna waste my time
become another casualty of society
i'll never fall in line
become another victim of your conformity
and back down."

fuck everyone who worries about fitting in they'll never get to be the boss of their own lives

blink-182 | Reviewer: madz | 2/8/08

i love this song and think that it so great to people who dont really go into whats 'in'. and its saying the kids dont fit in in whats in syle, they be themselves and the dont get put in a 'popular'category, so then they get labeled as the dont fit in, and its true we dont.we acepet it and think that it IS stupid to try and fit in.

blink ownnns | Reviewer: ' zombiee ' | 1/8/08

This song is pritty cool cuz they're saying that all these kids don't want to belong to all these different clique's and they don't even want to invent their own sort of group. Blink has a cool way of expressing different opinions and stuff. Love them. xx

back together | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/07

Wooow! This song is ossom!! Does anybody knows why Blink broke up together? Please Blink! Get back together! I will alway love you, guys! Mark, Tom, Travis!! Love you guys! You're the best!

I Love Blink 182 | Reviewer: Brilly | 11/22/07

I Love Blink 182 and all this Songs.This Songs become My Life Inspiration.I Miss You and Stay Together For The Kids.