READ ME! | Reviewer: Peter Karl | 6/1/07

Oh my fucking twat!
That song is absolutely amazing.
I'm like? - That lyric is so real. So true!?

omgggggggggggg | Reviewer: Alex | 2/12/07

blink 182 are the BEST!!!! this song is sooo cool one of my favs!! tom your voice is awsome!!
The best band in the whole world love em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv alex xxxxxxxxxx

Give me one good reason | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/10/07

I love this song!!

It's an awsome song and i love blink 182 all together. IF anybody has a problem with this song contact me.. haha

give me one good reason... | Reviewer: lex | 8/30/05

one of blinks best songs. it have's a really good message: be yourself!!!

BLINK 182 4-ever!!!