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Performed by Blink-182

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meansss... | Reviewer: melo | 6/10/11

this song is so awesome!!!! at first i didnt know what the song meant but then i saw an interview with the blink boys and they said it was like 'all of this', its the faster version. same subject: 'holly' using tom to get to his older brother. so sad but fcuking awesome c:

love | Reviewer: Cory | 8/1/08

It's just about a guy who meets a girl and he is all excited about being with her, he is convinced that the girl actually sees something in him. But the girls intentions are much more sinister. All she wants to do is use him. "savor the moment because the memories fleeting" "take a photograph as the last train is leaving" is basically saying the moments with her aren't going to last very long so cherish as much as you can. On the album cover this song talks about a boy who was used one day and that's as far as the relationship went. He drove his bike as fast as he could to this girls house and then she and a friend attacked him with a water hose. He rode home wet and humiliated. But this song could also be interpreted as a relationship that is lasting over a longer period of time where the girl might just be desperate for love so she uses a boy and then when she finds someone "better" she just gets rid of the other boy. When you see that your being used you better run run run!

Miss Blink-182 | Reviewer: Adrienne | 1/12/08

This Song Is So Good. But It's A Shame That Blink-182 Split Up. Like, Angels & Airwaves & (+)44 Are Brilient. But I Just Really Miss Blink-182. Best Of Luck To Mark & Travis In (+)44 And Tom In Angels & Airwaves.

Unknown | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/07

omg! this is one of the best songs by Blink 182. i love them. Mommys little monster!!!!!

unamed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/07

omg! this is one of the best songs by Blink 182. i love them. Mommys little monster!!!!!

GO BLINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/07

this song is the bomb! blink rocks! let her slit my throught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

meh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/07

i like Southern california's breeding mommys little monster

=] | Reviewer: boo | 11/22/05

blink 182 is hot man. the best part of this song is - Let her slit my throat give her ammo if she'll use it

untitled | Reviewer: cruise | 11/1/05

this song is the best song ever! it has so much meaning to it and i can relate to it! there is nothing worse than rejection! blink rock!

this song is great | Reviewer: Me!! | 8/7/04

i love this song, especially the part where they say 'better run run run run run holly let me out'... i love it. blink 182 is just the best band

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