omg love this song! | Reviewer: ally | 3/31/08

I sooo love this song. i really wish they didn't break up. i found out about them about a year before they broke up, and i loved them and was cuh-rushed when they broke up. i reaaaaly reallly hope they do have a reunion tour! that would ruuuule!

INLOVEE | Reviewer: laurie | 1/14/08

honesty blink 182 is my by far favroit band no one can compare and ever will compare there amazing and they shouldn't of broke up i saw them in concert when i was 10 and i fell in love with Travis haha i still am i wanna see them again now that im 17 but idk if it will happen hopefully. anyways this song always makes me think of my first date and how amazing it was! I LOVE BLINK 182 FOREVER AND EVER!!!

The awesome | Reviewer: HAILEY | 1/5/08

Okay this song is totally amazing and wonderful..They should have never broken up they would have had a wonderdful and succesful life together...There very good were and always will be no matter the fact that their not together anymore and anyone who disagrees shouldnt be on this page so fuck off LOVE BLINK182 TOGETHTER or NOT !!!!

wow | Reviewer: robert | 10/10/07

i just have to say for everyone to read that blink-182 is by far the greatest band in history i dont care weather they are a band or not you guys were... i mean ARE amazing. belive it or not your music kept me out of alot of trouble. and no matter how hard mark, tom, or travis try there will never be a band that will replace blink 182 nothing ever will top you guys. anyone that agrees please fell free to e-mail me and tell me that im not the only one who thinks that e-mail me at

blink's my band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/07

omg i love this whole fricken band. i wish blink would relize that they belong together. before i die i need to see them in concert. I totally wish blink would last FOREVER AND EVER!!!

ohhh yeahh<3 | Reviewer: victoria | 9/28/07

i absolutely loove this song. its soo great. the music video makes me laugh. one night after a football game me and me friends blasted this song and rolled down the window. I LOVE BLINK 182<3456789

maney♥♥♥♥ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/07

this song is soooo amazing♥♥ my bf rite now is a rele nice and sensitive guy.... he cares about anything that i care about!! he loves this song and told me about it!! i love the song and him!!♥♥♥

I love this song! | Reviewer: KayKay | 8/22/07

OMG i just love this song!! Its just shows that guys actually ahve feelings!(unlike my last bf) and the lyrics are AMAZING!!

They should get back together!! | Reviewer: janel3 | 8/16/07

I really like this song! Its cool to know that its not only us girls that get nervous on our first dates! [haha I seriously thought that!] They make pretty ok songs. They really should get back together!!! why did they seperate? I dont understand! =[

About the song FIRST DATE performed by blink 182 | Reviewer: Ashley | 8/16/07

I think this song is soo cool!!! LOL it's always nice to know that guys have feelings too!!! LOL it kinda reminds me of my last boyfriend!!!...