Girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/10

I like this girl but i really dont know if she likes me anymore.. we kissed and stuff but the last coouple of times ive talked with her she's just been acting really strange i think.. This song so reminds me of her..

my favorite line. | Reviewer: courtney | 2/13/10

I love the line "Tidal waves, they rip right through me," because when loving, you often feel that. The pain from love feels like it will tear through you and it seems so huge because of the amount of feeling and fear. It's the same feeling you get when you're in the ocean and a huge tidal wave hits you and drags you under.

am i the only male who listens to this ? | Reviewer: Lucas | 11/9/09

I like this girl she likes someone else but I hellp her when she crys i alwys be tere alot of ppl tease her i like this sng cos im a wreck without an u ae like my bf ths that im like the only male who likes this ( embarrased )

exactly | Reviewer: cassidy | 5/5/09

this song is just exactly how i feel. from "tears from eyes worn cold and sad" to "your vows of silence" this song just basically explains everything i'm going through. even the "you did this" part.

speaks my mind. | Reviewer: me. | 4/23/09

I let him go, and i shouldn't have. This song says what im thinking. Everything. Like this awkward silence makes me crazy, i'll try to kiss you if you let me, the look in your eyes, eyes worn cold and sad. Its talking about how he's such a wreck without her, and shes the only one that can make it better. Its how I feel.. If he would just listen.

true | Reviewer: najah | 3/6/09

The last week I was at home before I left for school I had my ipod on and me and my boyfriend were duddling and playing when I left this was our song ...then he broke up with me and this song always makes me cry. I thought it was weird that it was raining outside when I was listening to it while I was being with him

Break up | Reviewer: anna | 2/18/09

Don't let go of your relationship if its going down the drain. I did that wih my boyfriend just then. I've never cried so much in my life. turns out we both desperately like eachother still. We can't get back together. It won't work because we'd trample on all our friends to get back with eachother. it sucks. Save what you have. I love this song. it hurts not to be with him and he listened to this song loads the day we broke up. It's important and it relates to everyone in almost every situation. have faith.xooxoxoxoxo

.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/08

This song is so sad. It's exactly how i feel about my current relationship going down the drain. I want him so badly and i want this more than anything. this is so sad, yet it gives me a sort of hope.

bbbbest ;) | Reviewer: SpaceJet | 11/18/08

ohh what a dreamy song. If i had to listen to one song for the rest of my life this would be it.
It's amazing how one song can change how your day turns out you know?
If i'm sad, it helps me think about why im angry.. it really does help. ;]]

amazing song, produced by an amazing band.

This Song Means The World To Me! | Reviewer: Jade | 2/20/08

this song means everything to me! i really like this boy, this song makes me think about him an awful lot, not like i dont already. But whenever i hear this song he just comes into my mind, but i always cry when i hear it. It makes me sad but i truly love this song!