Love | Reviewer: Fande | 7/23/07

I love this song. Always makes my heart skip a beat and makes me wanna get up and DANCE!

guys point of view | Reviewer: Christina | 7/24/07

I love this.
The lyrics arent AMAZING and HEARTWARMING.
But its like a teen anthem...u know?
He just wants the best night of his life to last forever!
So even though some of the lyrics ARE dorky, EVERYONE can relate.
and sometimes, this kinda song is better than one with amazing lyrics that only the sensitive guys relate to.

. | Reviewer: . | 7/22/07

Well done the person who realised there on their first date? Thats so insightful, repeating the title AND all the song minus the chorus. DEEP. ;l

lmaoo funny kunt

luv it! | Reviewer: olivia | 6/24/07

blink 182 forever & ever!*
the best gRoup of the worLd!
forever & ever lets make this forever

i love this song so much | Reviewer: kay | 5/28/07

i love this song it is realy meaning full im 15 and i totaly relates to my firstdate lol me and my last bf sang this together in thailand
not realy romantic but it meant alot at the time.

flor | Reviewer: Flor | 5/24/07

........blink 182 es lo mas!!!! aguante!! y los que dicen ohhh blink is a shit, se pueden ir bien a la mierda...!!! XD, about the song its awesome, like all the others........

first date its reminds m of my ex | Reviewer: HARLEY | 5/23/07

omg i love that song too the max it reminds me of my ex girlfriend i still love her she is amazing shes called emo sammy i lost my Virginaty after i was at her house and that came on and we was led on sofa and then bang we snogged then u no.... lol i absoltuely love that song its my favbourtie song anyway cya i godda listen too that song more lol bye

Blink 182 Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Calisha | 5/22/07

I love this song and Blink 182 especially the chorus and I love Tom Delonge more than anything in the world!

<33 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/07

this song is so cutee. like it's seeing a guys perzpective of how he feels, and It good to know that guys are normal too, and that girls arent the only ones to get so nervous

thanks | Reviewer: homie j | 4/29/07

this is the best song ever it is exactly like my first date was its awesome. btw get back together blink we all need u