Amazing... | Reviewer: Angelina | 5/23/07

The song ir really a special one... It reminds me of such a cool time and everytime i hear it it's like living that time again! I love it!

down | Reviewer: m | 5/19/07

i like this song..i feel realy down and this song fits into my mood...

About the song Down performed by Blink-182 | Reviewer: Frido | 5/9/07

The song is made so simple but yet so emotional, its just a brilliant choice of words and the music is very silent and not so fast... it just makes the song so good and joyful but yet so sad...

I love it soo much | Reviewer: Tegin | 4/28/07

i absolutely love this song. This is mine and my bf chris's song. Everytime im really sad and stuff, i sit and listen to it and really try and listen to the lyrics, and somehow it makes my mood change. its AMAZING lol but this song is so catchy. its definitly the best song =]

Argentina | Reviewer: Veronica | 4/21/07

I'm Veronica from Argentina, and I like this song very much, and some other of Blink 182.
La verdad que la canción es genial.

AWSOME | Reviewer: Alex | 4/3/07

Omg this song is like SOOO good! I love the lyrics "tidal wives rip right through me" its just like so emotional but so rad!!
Tom your a super singer! I LOVE the piano bit at the end SO catchy!! I've been learning it hahaha. sorry to hear you's broke up life's not fair =( I would have LOVE to seen you's live!

umm.. | Reviewer: sar-uh | 2/15/07

i listen to this song when i'm all depressed. it's something you can relate to ya kno?

Rulz | Reviewer: .shadow! | 2/18/07

Beatifull song. Full of emotions =)

BEST EVERRRR | Reviewer: larll | 12/14/06

This song is soo good. Luv it cant get enough too bad u guys wont be putting any more out :(

awesome! | Reviewer: Jordan | 8/24/06

I love this song! It's emotional, and it reminds me of my girlfriend.