BLINK RULEEE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/12

Oh peeps... JUST A BOY BAND what you sayin?? They are amazzzing, Tom is an awesome singer and guitar player (and he is the hottest guy eeever), Mark is a good singer and an epic bass player and Travis is great at the drums... THEY AIN'T JUST A BOY BAND. they are THE GREATEST BAND EEEVER. I know I'm obsessed... And I'm proud of being obsessed. (oh an Scott was great at the drums to)

Oh wow... | Reviewer: Cuss | 6/12/11

wow. an argument about who is a bigger blink 182 fan. wow. what a wonderful joke. kiddies arguing about kiddie punk. mommy should revoke your computer privileges, boys and girls. aren't blink 182 a boy-band, anyway? menudo rules.

haha wat a fan aint he? | Reviewer: someguy | 5/1/10

haha alright first of all da guy below just showed hes a bigger blink fan then u fuckin ass callin the others poser i feel so is by boxcar racer no blink

n oh yeah dat must make u such a great fan just cuz 3 of their old songs wat about emo, i wont be home for christmas, i miss her so, waggy, apple shampoo n if ur such a great fan u would also know about boxcar, angels n airwaves and +44

fuck off next time get ur shit right n wat da fuck do u care if theyre not as big fans as u bitch

GO BLINK 182!!!

Love Ya Blink | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/09

Dude you just proved that your not a real blink 182 fan. i feel so isn't even by them, it by Tom and Travis's side project, box car race. Get you facts straight before you go around paying people out.

Anyway, great cover. long live the blinkness

to the guy bitching out newer blink fans; | Reviewer: melissa | 8/13/09

dude, blinks for everyone. You don't need to know every song by heart to consider yourself a fan. I for one have been in love with them since I was in 2nd of 3rd grade, and I'm 16 now. Everyone who likes them is cool, not just the die hard fans. So really get a life. And obviously if your looking up blink lyrics to a more popular song you must not be to big of a fan yourself:)

roar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/09

There is no need to go bitching on the internet just because your a "bigger fan" then anyone else,
ok yeah you like them more why does it fucking matter, are people not allowed to like music if they arn't obsessed with the band?

I have heard of all the songs you listed there, problem is I feel so is a Boxcar Racer song, different band to blink, related to yes but different band.

I like the song :) review over!

LOL | Reviewer: James | 7/7/08

This guy is talking crap about people not knowing Blink's song and he doesn't even know that this is a blink cover and not their own song. so shut up before you start talking crap on the internet.

fucking posers | Reviewer: what is this shit | 4/6/08

im sure this mofockers havent even heard of the old blink songs, the ones that dont have been publicized, thats how i kno these gays are not even close to what id call a blink fan!

have u pussies ever heard of i feel so, cacophony, zulu, marlboro man
i bet ur fuckin asses u havent u cum guzzlers

one of the greatest pop songs ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/07

This is one of my favourite songs, always loved the original by the only ones and blink do it justice, good on them for revitalising it

Thanks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/07

Yeah thanks for that mate... we wouldn't be here if we didn't like Blink ;)

Original - Pete Docherty??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/06

This song was a hit for 'The Only Ones' - much underrated English punk band- in 1978! Vocalist/songwriter Pete Perrett had well-publicised problems with heroin addiction and possibly the song is about the drug rather than just being a simple love song. If you want to listen to the guy who wrote it you'll have to listen to The Only Ones.

Best Of Blink | Reviewer: Katrina | 7/3/06

I love Blink 182 i have all of there albums and i listen to them every day! How can people NOT like Blink 182 it's awsome! I LOVE the songs listed below
1. Down
2. Here's Your Letter
3. Another Girl Another PLanet
4.I miss You
5. All The Small Things
6.Feeling This
7. Adam's Song
8. What's My Age Again
and many more

yeah.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/06

It is a good song... but it's even better if the one who wrote it sings it!... so listen to Pete Doherty when he plays it!... it's even better then!...

Pete Doherty 4Eva!

Typically good..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/05

Even though this is a cover, it seems to have been written for this exact purpose. This song, this riff, this whole subject of the song is typical of Blink, it's the same song with different lyrics. Despite that, Mark's vocals are at their peak and the harmony is amazing, I begin to question if this ranks up with timeless classics such as Carousel, Dammit or even Marlboro Man. Like Man Overboard, this song defines the present stand-point of Blink 182, mixing their newer style with the one they did 5 years ago. This song sets Blink out on a postive note and makes way for their rumored return, or so I've heard. This song was practically made for Blink 182, and I think it was a good thing of them to cover it for their Greatest Hits album. Good Job guys, it sounds great.

im with that dude | Reviewer: stupid kid | 10/26/05

hes got a point juts cos u have a anougth money to buy the fucking tape of ebay dont make you there biggest fan P.s the songs wicked better the the original