cool song! | Reviewer: Phuong | 10/26/07

This song rocks, i played guitar in my band about this song, it's extremely easy to play, i only need to listen to the guitar in the song and i can realize where to press the guitar strings.

the song rocks | Reviewer: -x-lil-x-mee-x- | 9/24/07

i love this song! it rocks and its amazing!! my friend got me into it and other blink songs! i just love them alltogether xx

About the song All the Small Things performed by Blink-182 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/07

im tryin to learn this on guitar but its kinda hard to define whats the chorus and the insrtumental :S can any1 help?
amazing song!

my friend | Reviewer: ciara | 8/31/07

my best friend sadly died a year and a half ago .. i still havent got over it but this was always her favourite song and now it is mine it has reallly helped me through this dificult time

memories | Reviewer: billy | 8/12/07

this is the song me and my boyfriend would lick each others butts too.

then i sucked his nuts.

but not i think i like vaginas oh wait i love dick im gay!

Memories | Reviewer: Christina | 7/24/07

I love this song.
Best one ever cuz like 10 of my friends and I sang karaoke to it
at the end of the year 8th grade dance.
Ive been listening to it all summer.
And Im really pumped for high school.

Awesome | Reviewer: Cecilia | 7/17/07

this song is like the best!! it used 2 be my favorite when i was little and i still love it!!

gch | Reviewer: anon | 6/24/07

the song rocks i luv it but the lyrics dont make any sence?

the best | Reviewer: Blink 182 rox! | 6/19/07

I actualy think this song make sense ... i think that its talks about those kind of girlfriends that wanna end the relationship but they never do it .. so the "Say it ain't so, I will not go
Turn the lights off, carry me home..." part its singed by the girldfriend ...
it makes sense??

windmill | Reviewer: Jacob Gill | 6/5/07

you it does say windmill...this song was written for his fril friend so i would asume its some kind of pet name

typos | Reviewer: Jacob Gill | 6/5/07

that was yes i does say wind mill and it was written for his girl friens

Voice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/07

Who else thinks that Tom DeLonge has the most annoying voice on the planet.

ROCK ON!! | Reviewer: Cheyenne | 5/31/07

This song is one of my favorites...and i never even knew the corret words at the end...i thought it was "never know one. never know mill" these lyrics make more sence lol!!

correction | Reviewer: jes | 5/30/07

its "keep your head still, ill be your thrill" not drill.

this song rox | Reviewer: kimmycub | 5/19/07

I rember watching MTV 1 night with my friend trying 2 sing along. But it didn't work out. I have luved this song evey scence.