Cascada Fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

Thanks so much! I loved this song and didn't know the name, so I searched random lyrics... this song is lively. If you want a cool song, try this.

!!! | Reviewer: alexia summers | 5/12/07

this song is me and my friends fav. song ever!! we used to jump all around the room when we heard it! i wanna give a shout out to all my BFF'S~~~~~
maddy,sam,karlah,jasmin,lily,hayden,jessika,molly,ashlyn,linsey,"the twins"~~ samantha+isabelle, jenn,jocelyn,arabell,chantal, meggie, kendall,courtney,ambher, kayte, :bois: ryan, shane, jake, jake, juan, lukus, tyler, nate, mikie, Taylor, corey, alex, + sooo many more at RRMS!!!!!!!!!

Yay | Reviewer: Jenn | 5/6/07

Omg...I love this song..I remember from when i was little me and my friends would be jumping on the bed blasting this song on repeat....oh wait that was last summer :P...

smile when you read this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/07

this song rocks,however the lyrics make no sense. But thats probley what makes the song soooooooo good. Its really catchy one of those songs you want forget.

omg. | Reviewer: ellis | 3/11/07

does he actually say "my little windmill"? if so why?

??? | Reviewer: nora | 2/16/07

This doesn't make any sence. The lyrics are soooo confusing but the song rocks!

Lovin' It | Reviewer: jessica | 2/17/07

I Luv dis song!!!!!!!!!!! It totally rocks!!!!! itz my fave

love this song | Reviewer: Alex | 2/11/07

This song is the best, the coolest, and I love it. I know this song by heart without the music. When I try out for American Idol, I am going to sing this song and go to Hollywood!

wen i was little | Reviewer: mel | 6/3/06

when i was little that song used to be my all time favorite--me and my brother used to dance to it and listen to it on repeat all day--i cant believe its still around lol havent heard it ina while

I can relate | Reviewer: asheli | 3/1/06

this song is so awesome and its fucken true...thanx for another kickass song

all the small things | Reviewer: Andrea | 2/28/06

this is a awsom song i thing it should be re released again

Ausom things | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/06

I love the song all the small things whenever i listen to it I get goosbumps. I think it's one of my favourite songs ever, it just makes me feel so happy.