Your all a bunch of pussy ass bitches | Reviewer: ASSHOLE | 7/13/07

you are all gay, this is a great song and a great band and pssy fucks like yourselves shouldnt be aloud to listen to them...fuck you all

marcel | Reviewer: man | 6/26/07

I love this song blick 182 u rock even though you guys are split up now your still a band rock on :)

balls | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/07

I've been a Blink fan for years, and Adam's Song is one of their most moving and evocative titles. I caught it on the radio today and was just awed by the impact this song has, even after listening to it a few hundred times over the years.

joey, your diagnosis | Reviewer: M.D. Will | 6/7/07

Joey, you are deemed gay, and emo. Please never type in any forums or message boards ever again. Your opinions are gay, meaningless, and just... dickless. You are lonely, sad, and depressed because you are a penis to everyone. Please cancel your internet so I will never chance upon any of your messages again.

Suicide Note.... | Reviewer: Erin | 5/31/07

this song is kind of depressing but also catchy..... I LOVE THIS SONG!

what it really is about | Reviewer: david | 5/21/07

ok so looks like no one knows, a kid sent a suicide note to his parents and he sent the same one to blink 182. mark read it and he combined the lonelyness of the band being on tour with the sadness and lonelyness of what he sent them, so if you read the lyrics its about a kid commiting suicide, like close it off board it up, cause thats maybe where he commited suicide, the whole song is sad but also one of their greatest.

Yup | Reviewer: XxxSeven.Deadly.SinsxxX | 5/14/07

The songs ok but i just hate it...

My gf commit suicide and that was the "LETTER" she left me

Sorry i just needed to share

.SmiLe. | Reviewer: Beth. | 5/10/07

I lovee this song.
All my friends thinks it's depressing which it is a bit!
But still lovee it.

BLINK<333 | Reviewer: Random Person | 4/26/07

OMG i love Blink 182 soo much.This is my favorite song by them ever,even though all their songs are amazing.<3

cody johnson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

the song is very depressing and makes me thank about the state of mine people are in when thay commit suicide.thats not reley a bad thang its not goob ether whow.

a particular feeling... | Reviewer: guillermo | 4/21/07

Sorry for my english ,but i'll try to be understandable. When i starded to play adam's song at the guitar, i didn't understand what he sang. So i learnt it (partition) and i played it for my friends, one of them tells me she likes this song (and my play) but 2 weeks later, she removed life....i can't feel nothing, now she is the song and i try to play better for her. So i love as much as her.

Je t'aime ma didounette

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/07

this is one if blinks best songs. but they had many good ones. this is the saddest song i've ever heard. if you ever had a friend that died, you can relate to this song (not only because its about suicide). it shows how much it afffects other poeple in your life not just you. it shows how much stuff is going on in teenagers minds sometimes. and to those of you emo kids out there, just shut up and listen to bob marley. you're not depressed you just want attention. depression isnt something you want others to know about. at least thats how i felt.

dfsg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/07

this songs about a kid named adam, he loved blink 182 and he hung himself while lisening to them, so blink made a song in memory of him

Adam's Song meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/07

Blink wrote this song after they got a good-bye letter from a boy who commited suicide... His name was Adam!

Adam's Song | Reviewer: Awesome | 3/6/07

This song is about suicide. Greg Barnes commited suicide while listening to this song. He wrote letters to Blink about his suicidalness. This song is also about Mark being homesick on a tour. This shouldn't make you wanna commit suicide though. Let's hope that.