So Powerful | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/2/09

This is such a powerful song,I feel like this so much and have been so close to taking my own life, but then I think of my friends and family and how much it would hurt that. Music can help so much sometimes and this song really speaks to me, thank you Blink 182 for making me feel like I am not alone

Dear Kaybee | Reviewer: Tommy | 3/19/09

Dear Kaybee,

I'm very sorry for your loss. And let me say that i truly understand your feelings, I've dealt with death a few times as well. Not saying I was the one finding the person.

You said your grandfather didn't consider your family's feelings when he killed himself. That might be very true. But do you consider his feelings? His last wish? He must have been in alot of pain, both physicly and mentally. He was probably and old man, maybe he couldn't do the things he liked because of his age, I don't know.
But just like you sometimes, he wanted to die. Because he must have felt just as miserable as you. Can you really be angry of him for doing that?

I'm not saying you should commit suicide. You're still young, and as far as I know, you don't have a terminal decease. There will be things in your life, you don't want to miss. Life is a gift you have yet to fully unwrap, your grandfathers time was soon to be over, he made it a less of a struggle for himself.

I hope my words to you are usefull.

no need | Reviewer: help | 2/28/09

i dont have any clue with what your going through but you say no one would know becasue you dont talk to anyone. well why dont you actually talk to someone about it and then you maybe wont hae to think about doing it and hurting your friends and family

I don't | Reviewer: Adam's girl | 3/2/09

I really don't think that suicide is a joke or just an 'emo' thing, that's just dumb and cruel. I love this song-it reminds me of my best friend Adam and how he saved me from doing the very thing the song speaks of.

i | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/09

i honestly do have the balls to do it. i just don't wanna hurt my family and friends. and no i'm not some emo kid looking for attention. i am pretty much a normal kid. but no one would understand if i did it. because i don't talk to anyone about it, but really i've been wanting to for years. i am now 15.

suicide. | Reviewer: cara | 1/13/09

suicide isnt easy for anyone to deal with.
its really hard, when you think aout death it makes you sad.

but if someone close to you dies of natural causes, you know they still want to be with you on this world, but when someone you love has killed themself, you know, they dont want to be with you.
its hurts so much more than a natural death.
i've been through it,
and it hurts.

for those of you that havent had a death in the family or friends, consider yourselves lucky.

This song... | Reviewer: they call me... danger | 12/29/08

This song got me thru the death of my grandmother this summer.
and my mom kicking me out.
so I understand. the stresses of being a teenager are too much sometimes. this song is how I feel half of the time. it should be immortalized in top ten best songs. I love blink-182, lets not let them die.

5 reasons why. | Reviewer: kaybee | 12/27/08

suicide is no joke. i'm gonna tell you a little story. i always looked to my grandfather as roll model. well in late 2007 he was diagnosed with lung cancer for the second time. he was on so much medication it was ridiculous. by early october he wasn't doing very well. and when my mom would help him he would always tell her "i should just commit suicide." well my mom was like "think of how that would make the kids feel if they found you like that." well sure enough he commited suicide. and i was the one to find him. i decided i would go up and check on him. well when he wasnt in his chair so i went into the bathroom. and there he was on the bathroom floor with his head blown out. i regret ever going up there. i was only 14 years old when i saw this and now i'm 16. I've been through a lot in my life. I'm very depressed all the time and i try not to think about the thoughts of killing myself and just thinking that maybe it would be better if i just killed myself. because not for one second did my grandfather even think of the people he would be permanently damaging and hurting. they thought maybe if we did this we could of saved him. but you can't.

and sometimes maybe people do have reasons for commiting suicide.

to i am adam | Reviewer: chris | 12/22/08

to i am adam, i know what you mean

one time i wanted to kill myself, for a lot of reasons. and i thought about my friends n family, how devastated they would be. but if i had, i wuldve left a note or something saying i know this will hurt you, but let it be your last gift to me, let me do this to me, for me, cos this is what i want.

but yeah, i just dont have the balls either

so sad... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/08

this song is so sad...

i feel like this a lot, but when i really think about actually doing it something always stops me...

it's nice to know that someone else made it through the same feelings i have

Yea... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/08

This truly is a song a lot of teenagers can relate too, because you can feel all alone, as if no one understands you, and it just tears you apart inside. Though, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel of desperation.

awsome song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/08

simple but really catchy, the words on this sogn were godly cus they really reach me,, its a very depressign song mayeb when u hear it it sounds like a normal songs... but after readign this lyric it will never be same again :O

you have noe idea... | Reviewer: i am adam | 3/7/08

to catie, who wrote about the people you hurt by committing suicide:

many times it feels like the only there is nothing to live for. im at the point right now. now, i wont commit suicide, because frankly, i dont have the balls, and i know it will get better, but right now i just feel like absolute shit and i wanna die so fucking bad... im not even thinking about the people around me...i dont feel any sort of emotion for my friends or my girlfriend right a week or two ill regret writing this, but if a person is so depressed that they kill themselves, you really cannot imagine how they feel, and the knowledge that theyre hurting other people only makes it worse

Not Fucking EMO! | Reviewer: MEGAbetch1 | 3/3/08

EMO is a retraded word. This song is emaotional becaucse all great music is all genres. I dislike all this stupid emo kids that play with sandeness and depression just to get attension. There is people out there that are really depressed. >ut most EMoS pretend to be. There in this melodrama. And is fucking hella gay and im gay. I mean wft why call urself emo? That's fucking dumb ass shit. Be yourself without lables. Emo should not be used to describ ppl. But some stupid ass ppl like it. The ones that pretend to be sad. Oh lookin me my life suck look evryone. Ppl whoa re really depressd and sad don't go around saying or showing it. Like this gurl when I wen to school would make it obvious that she cuts herself and it look so fake she did for attension. Wtf? ppl who to have that problem HIDE IT. Cus I was depressed during that time.

AWESOMENESS!. | Reviewer: MEGAbetch | 3/3/08

Wow I just heard this song on the radio. I forgot how awesome it is. I'm not a blink 182 fan, but I think this song is amazing this is the only song I like from them. It helped me a lot. I use to want to die all the time even though I had a lot going for me during the hardest times in school days. My looks, nice clothes to go to school in, some popular friends and a nice mother lol. But I was so depressed because I'm gay. And my Family and friends (thir all straight and say fag a lot), would not support that at all. I felt like shit cus of it. All the time. No one knew not even my closes friends and not being urself sucks. Now some ppl know and I'm working on telling my fam, but im so scared. And sometime I still get really depressed because of it. Out of all the people I know only 3 know. And I've played this straight role for a long time that I feel is to late to come out. I not ur typical gay person u can't tell. ANY WAY. This song helped me through that that and other bands like afi, SP, JoyD, MOZ, and music in general! Know I think suicide is very selfish. But when ppl put u down it seems hard to go on. Im fine know. I want be me and live my life and try and be the best person I can be. <3