Not selfish. At all. | Reviewer: cassus | 1/17/13

People who off themselves aren't the selfish ones. Family who would rather see their som/daughter/brother/sister suffer horribly their whole life just so they(the family) doesn't need to suffer the death of the person who kills himself.. Families who would have someone live the most horrible life rather than having to deal with his or hear death.. THAT is selfish. For a lot of people who suffer from mental illness like depression and bipolar disorder, the only relief possible is either self medicating with street drugs or alcohol, or a bullet to the face. Pharmaceutical companies basically have nothing that helps. Especially for bipolar disorder which I personally suffer from. Tried all the meds, they're all crap. At best they stabilise your mood. In my case they stabilize my mood at what I would call misery.

I will say this; if you're thinking of killing yourself, if that is your final option, I highly encourage you to try cannabis. It basically saved my life. This is the first winter (gets much, much worse during the harsh icy cold winters) that I've actually felt alive since I was about 18. I'm now 34, so half my life has been hell, and they've kept THE ONLY MEDICATION THAT WORKS away from me because idiots hate the idea that medication actually gives you a high. Not addictive (unlike benzo's like xanax and rohypnol etc) and it's not nearly as powerful of a drug as those meds either. Rohypnol and xanax feels absolutely amazing. The warmth and relaxation you feel with those meds is FAR more potent than any cannabis I've ever tried.

If you actually feel like helping people in need, vote to legalize it. The prohibition is a failure, no one has died from marijuana.. But millions of people have died because no medication works which turns their life into absolute total hopelessness. If you think that treatments for these conditions are right around the corner, think again, cause there's nothing on the way in the foreseeable future (10 years ++) and most of the mental illnesses last your whole life. Don't be a moron, vote to legalize.

Even if cannabis is illegal where you live, go for it. It might just change your life, even save it. Don't do any drugs without researching, and don't get tempted to try anything else. Cannabis is in a different league than almost everything else as far as safety goes.

Thanks for listening.

(I beg you admins not to delete this post, lots of suicidal people visit this page.)

Ignorance is Bliss | Reviewer: msblackeyeliner | 9/28/11

For all you OBVIOUS IDIOTS out there that are saying that suicide is selfish or that life isn't "that bad".... Let me educate you a little bit on depression. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Sometimes it is caused by being in a horrible situation or have being in a traumatic situation in the past. BUT sometimes, you get it for no reason at all!! My whole life I battled suicidal thoughts and actions. The earliest attempt was when I was 7. I had a loving family and a great life for a kid. Yet, sometimes I fell into a depression that constantly produced suicidal thoughts. I thought it was normal. I thought EVERYONE went through this. So I never spoke to anyone about it. As I got older I my life consisted of either being completely disconnected from the world (no emotions whatsoever for friends or family, just wanted to disappear) or being mad and agressive all the time. Yes every once in a while I did laugh and was active as a kid, but it was quite rare. I got really good at hiding what I was feeling inside. Obviously my parents were worried that I wasn't acting like the rest of their children so they took me to the doctor and I just complained about not feeling good. Doctors tried everything to see what was wrong with me but found nothing because physically, nothing was wrong with me. It wasn't until I met my future husband that I decided to open up to someone. I told him how I felt and he told me that he never had suicidal thoughts. This was coming from someone who grew up with an alcoholic father who mentally, verbally, and physically abused his whole family. In my head, I couldnt comprehend how he could survive all that with out ever just wanting to take his life. I had a PERFECT childhood compared to his and I still didnt feel like my life was worth living. Eventually he convinced me to see a Phyciatrist. My doctor diagnosed me with Bipolar Disorder. I was prescribed my medications until I found the right combonations and dosages. After getting stabalized on the medication and excessive out-patient therapy, I was a brand new person. For the first time since I can remember, I was happy. I rebuild relationships with my family. They didnt even recognize me. A lot of people don't know how to feel about mental illnesses. I always this way: Would you blame someone for having a heart disorder? Would you blame someone for their heart failing them which led to their death? No. So why blame someone for having a mental disorder? Why blame someone for their brain failing them which leads them hurt themselves? Its not fair to do that. People like you are the reason why most people dealing with depression don't seek help. They convince themselves that they can just get over it. In the end, that is just hurting them more. If you are suffering from depression, please seek help.

As for this song, it can go either way. Its not very clear on whether this person commits suicide or if he was planning to but then decided against it. But either way, its a great song that captures how a suicidal person feels. How hopeless and desperate people can get. A battle in your own head is the worst. I would never wish it upon anyone.

Yes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/11

This song is about a kid who mark knew that killed himself. mark read the letter the kid wrote before taking his own life and wrote this song in memory of him. this song is my all time favorite song ever it has saved my life so many times

Huh | Reviewer: ellicejones | 8/18/11

Actually, to No It Isn't listen and read it all, yes some parts are actually anti-suicide but most are. "I never thought I'd die alone" "I'm too depressed to go on" "Another six month's I'll be unknown" "Give all my things to all my friends" "Tell my mom this isnt her fault" In simple it could be about how he killed himself but is trying to say that people shouldn't, that it's a bad thing and it'll get better if you try to move past it- in simple keep living

No It Isn't | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/11

People seriously have to stop with the "this is about a kid who killed himself"
Well it's not
Obviously it's optimistic
"Time goes by" "Tomorrow holds such better days"
"Couldn't wait till I get home"
All these thoughts are anti-suicidal. It contradicts to the first part"You'll be sorry when I'm gone"
But clearly the song ends with "Pass the time in my room alone" Which means, some alone time, time alone to think about life.
Yeah this is seriously anti-suicidal
Or would you rather argue with Mr. Mark Fucking Hoppus?

Nono | Reviewer: Jose | 6/22/11

This song is not a suicide song, it's an anti-suicide song. Mark Hoppus confirmed it. Where it "...Tomorrow holds such better days" meaning he's looking forward even though his depression will continue because suicide is not the answer to his problems.

Suicide. | Reviewer: Corinne H | 4/14/11

This song was written about my beat friends cousin. He committed suicide because he felt alone and lost. The family wanted some closure and for a song to be written about the event to reach out to others. After many requests to have the song made, Blink 182 stood up and said it was for a good cause and went on to write and produce the song. I think it's a great song with a great meaning but with a truly sad story behind it. Please, stop attacking this song.

Don't ruin the meaning rebutal | Reviewer: obscured | 1/29/11

To attack people you know nothing about is cowardly. The song is about suicide. It is also about overcoming it and feeling alone. No one knows what anybody else truly thinks or feels. It is not cowardly and it isn't selfish. It is something that can be explained really. You have to have been there to understand. You can't look from the outside.

Shaen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/11

Please show us the proof of it being and optimistic song. If people aren't that depressed then why do they commit suicide? Don't act like you've been through depression. Suicide is basically an act of desperation, when there is no other path that they can see. Confronting the problem wont always fix it.Also how is suicide selfish?

Don't Ruin the Meaning | Reviewer: Shaen | 12/26/10

This is not a depressing song. It's an optimistic song. You guys are getting all buzzed saying it's about suicide, well it's not. In the beginning it obviously seems sad, but it gets a happy feeling towards the end. Suicide is the stupidest thing in the world. You guys all need to stop being immature. That's what suicide really is. No one is really that depressed, suicide is NEVER the option. It is the most selfish thing as someone before me said, and I guarantee you, GUARANTEE, that someone has it WAY worse than you, but they grow a pair and tough it out. It's life, do with it what you will. Nobody can force you to do anything. If your friends suck, get new ones. If your parents seem to hate, talk to them about it. Confront the problem, and it will go away.

Happy? | Reviewer: | 12/23/10

I fuckin' hate my life.. the love of my life is with another guy, i live in a shit town, i'm broke, friends betrayed me and i'm too much of a pussy to kill myself... so i just learned this song on guitar and piss my eyes out whenever i play it :'(

Please Explain | Reviewer: Kait | 3/12/10

I've committed suicide twice and each time I was fine. I never even ad to go to the hospital. I swear I'm invincible. I'm stuck here on this Earth so lonely. My friends are fake and my parents could care less about me. My relatives don't talk to me. There's no one I can trust or turn to. I'm a puny, pathetic excuse of a human being. I've realized that no one really matters in this world. Even if you kill yourself, everyone around you lives on. Who cares?

Fucking love this song.

suicide is never the correct or better choice. | Reviewer: humm | 1/21/10

been here n there. seen alot. been depressed. thought about suicide, concluded that it is the single most selfish, tragic act any human being can engage in. everyone has there problems, but life will go on, things will eventually turn up if you let them. great song and i absolutely love blink. always respect yourselves.

Suicide | Reviewer: Hayley | 7/6/09

This song is so depressing yet still amazing. People will most likely say I am emo for this, but whatever. I have thought about suicide many times and tried to commit it. No one understands that it is the choice of the person who cannot take it anymore. Life hurts. It truely does, but no one seems to understand. Well, either way, this is still one of the best songs.

:) | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/5/09

This is the first Blink 182 song I ever heard.
and I fell completely in love with the band after it.
My closest cousin commited suicide last summer, and everytime I hear this song I can't help but think of him. He was the same age as me, he was so young, he had so much going for him. But I always knew he was a little different and those last short months he was alive I just knew something wasn't right. We tell each other everything, when I went through my eating disorder he was there with me every step of the way. He called me the night before he took his life and told me he was going to tell his dad he realized he's gay. My uncle isn't exactly the most lineant man, he was actually quite upset his son was gay. He swore he'd ground his son for life, and they got into a huge argument. That night he took his life..
and my family has never been the same.
I feel like I could have done something, and a part of me feels like I should have stopped. He had helped me so much, and I felt like I let him down. But he's always in my heart, it's such a tragedy when you hear about suicide.

this song rocks. :) and so does Blink 182 ♥