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Performed by Blink-182

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Reminiscing.. | Reviewer: Sid | 6/3/10

when l was still in hs, my old band asked me to jam with then again and sing this song at the prom (while l was actually just attending, see).
For some stupid reason they found it appropiate for the occasion... with everyone parting ways and all.
Long story short, they digged it. School life's was nothing but a woken dream now i guess.

im very pummped!! | Reviewer: Silas Price | 5/4/09

Blink is finally getting back together to rock the world once again. they are the all time greatest band in my mind. and the fact that travis beat the chances of death inspires me even more to become a fantastic drumer like him.


blink rok | Reviewer: mick | 11/21/07

this song is so mad ive benn listening 2 blink for ages and they r so awesome....there voices are better that any other punk band

voices | Reviewer: james | 9/11/07

I think the older singing is better 2 the new singing i got all the albums and i got all the cds and even all the record and out of everything i will always pick cheshire cat and buddha!!! Blink 182 r the best eva!!!! y did they have 2 break up:(

So true.... | Reviewer: Dev Chatterjee | 7/22/07

Wow, this song was released more than 10 years ago, and its so true.

"A tank of gas is a treasure to me "

Finding a tank of gas is like finding treasure!

Blink 182 | Reviewer: Moay Zi Heng | 5/19/07

This song I heard and i can sing this song. BLINK 182 Rockzz. this song have 4 album: Buddha, Cheshire Cat, Greatest Hit and Mark, Tom and Travis Show. U guyz Rockzz

best recording | Reviewer: ben 182 | 4/30/07

the recording on the Mark Tom and Travis Show is awesome... but then again that whole album is awesome

au contraire. | Reviewer: shaina | 5/4/07

i don't think their voices suck at all. they sound all raw and powerful and it just contributes so much to the song. old blink is the best.

i actually like the album version of this song better (the one on the greatest hits CD). dunno why.

Woo | Reviewer: Alex | 4/3/07

Lol yeh the voices weren't super but its a really catchy song! and on their 2nd DVD it sounded SO good live. The instruments and voices sound better live! Same with Anthem Part 2, sounds better live! GOOD ON YA BLINK 182!!

Best Blink | Reviewer: Stephanie | 7/30/04

this song rocks hard and i think is one of the best blink ever did...if u listen u'll notice that there voices suck because it was before they got singing lessons....i think it just makes the sound more real and makes the song better

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