i heart blink | Reviewer: el.de.e.uu | 10/19/07

this song is completely moving. everytime i hear "use me holly, come on and use me" my heart wrenches, and i feel my reacurring sadness of being so vulnrable with the one i love...it's almost like, even if they use you, at least their showing some affection, and if that's all you can get, you might aswell soak it up as real love. "everything inside of my heart"

fucking great | Reviewer: jack | 9/6/07

i love the way robert smith sings. he's so full of angst, and sadness just listening to this song makes me depressed. im gonna go kill myself now

All Of This Review | Reviewer: stephanie | 8/1/07

this song has to be one of the most passionate BLink 182 songs ever =] i love this song its a nice calm and actually has sence. I recomend everybody to love this song too =]

Love it | Reviewer: :D | 7/18/07

Amazin :D
I just wish i had got into this band while they were still together
but its great that i av now
Love em

YEAH! | Reviewer: This song fuckin rocks~! | 7/9/07

Robert Smith was pretty good but this is an amazing song

wow | Reviewer: danielle | 6/29/07

this song is amazing, teaming up with robert smith was a perfect choice for this song, this song gives me chills its so good,

tee | Reviewer: love this | 6/14/07

oh, i love blink-182 this song is my favourite, and miss you :,)

kejfrhkdshdsf | Reviewer: taytertot | 5/1/07

so pretty much this song is depressing. it makes me sad

good song | Reviewer: sam | 3/4/07

i love this song it remember me of my first root hahahahha has the girls name is hollie hahahaha good song

robert rules | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/06

for blink to team up with robert smith is amazing and i really respect this song-it's so surreal and dark! its breathtaking i love it!