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They blow you away | Reviewer: Brock | 11/22/12

I've been listening to Blindside when I first got into christian rock in '04 during the Pillar and P.O.D. craze. Every album is just amazing and a little bit different than the previous one. With Shivering Hearts We Wait has more electric feel with the same hard rock and melodic singing and screaming. I really hope they come to Ohio or Ichthus sometime after they are done touring Europe.... I love you guys

They Are THE BEST. 'Nuff Said. | Reviewer: Don't Walk Away Just Yet | 11/3/11

I first discovered Blindside five years ago after hearing their "After You're Gone", and immediately fell in love. Lindskog's voice is amazing and I love the hint of Swedish accent and the variations of musical elements are provided in every song. They provide so much emotion and meaning in their songs through all the screaming and alternative. The lyrics are chosen immensely well, and as depressing as a song may sound, there is always a light optimistic feel. They introduce listeners to God without addressing him directly, overcoming their objective of spreading light to the world. And these are just SOME of the reasons I adore them so. . . the list could go on for eternity for me.

All in all, they will forever be MY FAVOURITE band -- I frantically look forward to new albums and songs. They are, by far, the best band I have ever come across. As a previous reviewer said, Long Live Blindside!

rockin rock | Reviewer: bee | 3/2/10

Blindside is by far the best rock band ever!! every song has meaning, you DONT walk away from listening to a song and think "what did i just listen to?" No you DO walk away, reluctantly, from hearing a song and think "WOWW that was amazin!!" they are awesomeee!:)

blindside is awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/07

once i herd blindside, i was blown away. the sound of their music was amazing. overall i think they're the best band ever. on a rating to 1 to 10 they're a 10.

It rocks duh! | Reviewer: Blindside fan forever | 2/22/07

Blindside is soooo cool they make me feel alive and the lyrics so deep...Matchs my mood somtimes ^_^

they rock | Reviewer: Blindside's #1 fan | 1/5/06

Yeah Blindside totally rock I just wish that they would tour in Australia.Because I'd really love them to come and play here so I can see them. They are all awsome and I really like the lyrics, I love listening to their songs that all I'm basically ever doing.

BLINDSIDE HAS TO TOUR AUSTRALIA....That would be the best!!!

Refreshing Sound | Reviewer: Tobin | 10/10/05

Blindside is one of the greatest rawk bands to ever hit the states. How they were passed up in Sweden, ill never know but not only is their sound good but their shows are high energy rawkfests. Christian is an amazing singer, hitting notes that pierce the air. Tomas rips the bass apart and has the look of a kick but bassist. Marcus produces a great heavy rock beat and throughs in his own phat rolls. Simon can fly across the frets and go quicker than some of the bands with far more expierence. All in all a gem worthy of everyones praise.

It's About Time | Reviewer: Shannon | 8/9/05

I'm gonna make this short and simple. Blindside is the greatest rock sound ever. The combination of melodic singing and heartfelt screaming, make every song your favorite song. And this isn't another mtv punk screamo group, every word in every song has meaning. Long live Blindside

Check it out! | Reviewer: Ultimate Blindside | 8/9/05

BLINDSIDE ROCKS! Check out an unofficial Blindside site, made for the fans, by a fan. Still under construction, but changing lyrics to The Great Depression available!

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