Skinned! | Reviewer: Ramapo KId | 1/8/11

I know this is kinda outta date, sorry but you know how iTunes can be! Skinned/ Soup and Blind Melon is just great for days you feel like crap! Shannon Hoon and the guys always pick me up slam me against the wall and say "HEY!"

Shinned | Reviewer: Regull | 2/6/08

I just read Thomas Harris' book Silence Of The Lambs and reading that book added something extra to this song. But the song is great. It sounds really easy and simple but when I tried to play it I noticed that it isn't that simple to play as it sounds... It's great how Blind Melon made something this awfull as skinning people sound this funny... :)

Genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/07

This song is actually about a serial killer named Ed Gein. He's pretty well known. I love this song; Shannon Hoon is probably one of the best songwriters ever to exsist. I think it's really cool how he'd write about real things. Not just make up something and go with it. He'd actually write about things that affected him, in some way. I don't think the song is creepy at all. It's really good and I love how Blind Melon made the song sound so simple when obviously the song isn't about something simple at all.

Genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/07

This song is about a serial killer named Ed Gein. He's pretty well known. Anyways I think Blind Melon is amazing for coming up with this song. It may be creepy, but what do you expect out of a song about a serial killer? Shannon Hoon was a great songwriter. He'd write about real things; things that made him think or things that really stood out to him. I love this band and I think everything they did was great. I don't think their new lead singer will ever be as good as Shannon was.

Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy | Reviewer: Jess | 5/10/07

I have loved this album but for a few days.. Then this morning I actually listened to the lyrics of 'Skinned' and it freaked me out. I get really ill at the thought of cannabalism and such stuff, so I was creeped out that I had never noticed the lyrics before!! Ergh!!