I remember | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/14

I remember the first time I watched this video. I was 11 or 12 (I believe), it was on MTV. I thought it was so corny. Now today, over 20 years later, it takes me back to that time when the world was still big and life was simple.

To Danielle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/11

He did not commit suicide. He overdoesed. Believe me hewas our friend, my families. I never knew him but I wish he stayed around lomg enough for me to be able to talk to him. You guys really don't understand how genious all of Blind Melon songs are and how Shannon wrote them all.

BEDAZZLER | Reviewer: Anupam Brahma | 4/18/10

I came across the video of this TOUCHY song at VH1. And i was at high at that time,suddenly it sounded:
I got ths song downloaded after 5 days. And im now circulating this song. HATS OFF to BLIND MELON.

Unique | Reviewer: Martyn | 1/14/10

The first time i heard that music, I like it.Wow,it's so cool.I like different.It's amazing,i always hear it all day.Your song make an inspiration in our life.Thanks for a creation.Go a Head..Making in different.I just wait your video...

Recognition | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/08

I wish I would have seen this video sooner. I see myself in that little girl ( I am sure many people do too). No kidding, I now know the source of my depression. I wish I could find that open gate that leads to the field filled with people who are like me and accepting of me.

Classic Song | Reviewer: Deadfoot | 10/24/08

I came across this song a few years ago, totally by accident and I am so glad I did. Whenever I feel down or gloomy I play this and almost instantly it washes away those feelings and leaves me full of joy. I often find myself reaching for my acoustic guitar and playing along.

We will miss you..... greatly !

Amazing | Reviewer: fforsberg | 3/10/08

Most people know this song as the Bee Girl song. So did I until I actually listened to the words. It's so sad that people never took this song or the band as being truly deep and amazing. I just want someone to say to me, I'll always be there when you wake, you know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today, so stay with me and I'll have it made. Simply amazing. Thanks Shannon.

So sad | Reviewer: Danielle | 12/28/07

Well, lets see, this guy is amazing. he a has a great singing voice. He is singing a sem-happy song but his voice sounds really sad, doesn't it? Well,a couple a years l8tr he comitited suicide. Can't you tell he is sad in the song?

Bumble Bee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/07

I was a bee for Halloween and it is just amazing how many people know the video for this song...that's all I heard all night. This tune and everything that goes along with it is incredible, and people will remember it forever!

the difference | Reviewer: sara | 9/20/07

the song no rain can have two completely different messages with the music it follows. the original (happy) no rain sounds like shannon singing about the bothers of life while on coke, happy about the troubles. but the ripped away version is shannon on heroin, sooo fucking down, soo fucking depressed and it sounds like nothing will get him out.

wonderful! | Reviewer: Zee | 8/12/07

My bestfriend showed me this song, i cant stop listening to it and singing it. I know the lyrics are sumwhat negative but for some reason this song makes me so glad. I LOVE YOU ALLY!! <3

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain | Reviewer: aCIn | 4/16/07

I've listened this song just around one week before for the first time but now I really say this song has been one of my most favorite.
Thanks to Blind Melon for such a wonderful creation of yours. HATS OFF for you all people.

--- | Reviewer: Kari | 5/23/06

Most sites get the lyrics wrong but these are right; this song is amazing and this site is very helpful.



Blind Melon Mania | Reviewer: Mallory | 6/14/05

Shannon Hoon was an amazing artist. I myself have folowed his career since he did backing vocals for Guns N' Roses Don't Cry, November Rain, & The Garden. No Rain was an amazing song, and Shannon Hoon was an amazing vocalist. All I can say is wow!