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I didn't know Shelton was a common last name | Reviewer: Marilyn Shelton | 11/24/2007

I didn't think there were that many Sheltons in the good ole USA. That's my last name too Jade. I've always liked country music though and Blake's noisemaking is pleasing to the ear.

Are You Related To | Reviewer: Jade Shelton | 7/10/2007

Dear Mr. Shelton are you by any chance related to me my last name is Shelton and my dads name is Tony i would love to know your a great siger and jesus loves you

A Country Singer | Reviewer: Marlene Creech | 6/20/2007

I've enjoyed Blake's music for some time. His voice is distinctive and so I know it at the first couple of notes. He seems to sing songs that fit him....Good job Blake! If things ever slow down,
just keep going. I think you are strong enough to get through
anything now. Hey being cute helps. :0) Sorry, I had to do it.
I have a small ornery streak.

A Real Artist | Reviewer: Mindy | 4/29/2006

Blake Shelton remains loyal to his roots and sings with a passion that you can tell he's all about the music. His ability to choose songs that fit him and his lifestyle prove that he knows who he is, where he came from and where he is going. He is real and projects it in a way like no other artist. I believe he will be around for a long time and in 20 years from now I KNOW I will be here saying the same thing.

Blake Shelton is the King of country!! | Reviewer: MOasphaltcowgirl | 7/15/2004

As George Strait, the reigning King, has thrown the idea of retirement in the air, country fans have begun to wonder who will lead the redneck/hillbilly world of music. Well, country music fans, look no further! Before this king fully retires, there is a prince that is vying for the throne. In my book, he needs no introduction, has no valuable competition. Who is he, you may ask? None other than BLAKE SHELTON! His voice is strong and pure, rich and true, with qualities very much prince-like. He, folks, Master BS, as we, his faithful subjects, his official BSers, call him even looks like a prince! Who is Blake Shelton, you say? He is a big man with a big heart and a big voice from a small country town. He is the new artist who reached through the radio speakers and grabbed our attention with his first story-song, Austin. He is the explosive new country artist who broke millions of hearts with a song that reaches just about everyone in some way, The Baby. He is the hardest working man in country music. He is the man "alawt", as Blake would say, of Toby Keith fans heard on the super long summer-winter tour of 2003-2004 as Toby's headliner and became fans of his instead. Interestingly, lots of folks readily admitted that they came to the Toby Keith concert a Toby fan but left a Blake Shelton fan. Some even came, intending to hear Toby perform, heard Blake headlining, liked him so much better, and then left before Toby came on! You have got to be pretty powerful to do that to a person! Blake Shelton is an artist, a man who performs for the people and is not just on that stage to have fun, make money, and not care about the people paying money so that he, the artist can make a living. No, Blake Shelton is not that type. He is there to reach everyone with his music, and with that, everyone should and does feel that he has reached them, heart to heart, all the way from the stage and just with the music. Blake Shelton will give you a hug from the heart and mean it, he will laugh with you, cry with you, share hunting and fishing stories with you. He has that uncanny way with children and babies, but with adults, men and women both alike, as well. When you meet him, it never feels like you are meeting a star or someone famous, because that down-to-earth, good ol' country boy, hometown feel there is about the man who greets you. You may start out greeting him as nervous and excited and all worked up, but when you leave and your visit with him is done, all you feel is peace, love and just the way you shoulf feel or expect to feel after visiting with long time friend or family member you have not seen in a while. All in all, Blake Shelton may seem like your ordinary, average country boy, but maybe it is those simple, country, down-to-earth, Christian values about him that make Blake Shelton a king under disguise!

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