Black Sabbath | Reviewer: Luke | 10/13/13

The definitive heavy metal band, influencing every other iconic metal act that followed: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Pantera...the list goes on and on! Without Black Sabbath, we'd be stuck with Elvis and the Beatles.

New year's evil 2001 | Reviewer: Hell Rat | 5/13/13

I saw all 4 original members of Black Sabbath perform live at Bank One ballpark in Phoenix AZ on New years eve 2001. The show was titled New Year's evil and the line up was Soulfly, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera and Black Sabbath.

You fans missed a front man that replaced Ozzie that needs mention | Reviewer: Robert Foxx | 6/13/12

A very talented vocalist from New Jersey, then in a line up name Quest. Ray Gillian (RIP) replaced Ozzie on a spur of the moment rant back stage one night at Madison Square Garden when Ozzie quit or Tony fired him. Ray had back stage passes that night and someone mentioned that he was available and knew the lyrics.
So, with no rehearsal Ray took center stage instead of Ozzie.
Ray performed flawlessly and stayed with Black Sabbath for a short while. He later became the front man for Badlands. Which was a hard drivi'n band in it's own right.
Hey, hey, My, my Rock N Roll will ne'er die!

Lame Review | Reviewer: V | 5/8/12

"Friction between Iommi and Dio led the singer to quit angrily in 1982, he took P with him to start his own band, Die."

Wow dude do you even know what your talking about? I didn't think Dio was a hard word to spell.

"Although Dio could belt with the best of them, Sabbath would never be the same. Its first album with Dio, Heaven and Hell (1980), went platinum, its second, Mob Rules (1981), gold. But thereafter, the group’s LPs sold fewer and fewer copies, as Black Sabbath went through one personnel change after another. III health forced Bill Ward out of the band in 1981."

Dio was technically a way better singer than Ozzy, the fans still liked Sabbath with Dio. Also, Bill Ward was a drunk, that's not a ill health, its self-induced stupidity. He said it himself.

1996 Reunion | Reviewer: christopheRobin | 9/25/11

There was also a 1996 reunion of the original band - I know I this because I saw them that year. Ozzy did a set with his own band and then he did a full set with Sabbath, unlike 92 where they only did 4 songs. It may have been an early Ozzfest - I saw them in San Bernardino CA

and darkness decended | Reviewer: johnny blade | 2/19/11

Black Sabbath are the bloody roots of heavy metal! There is a long history of this band. The latest release was under the band name Heaven and Hell. With Dio back in front, with Iommi, Butler, and appice all back. The Devil You Know is a kick ass metal album. Since the Dio has passed away (RIP). There is talk underway to reunite the original lineup of Osborne , Iommi, Butler and ward.

WooooW =O | Reviewer: Rodolfo | 5/16/08

Los fundadores del Metal tal y como no lo conocemos hoy en dia
aquellos tiempos
si se hacia buena musica hace 40,30 y 20 años
pero oh! cruel destino
La Música se ha perdido, pero aqui hay alguien q esta esperando q no haya sido para siempre

The beginning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

The true fathers of heavy metal, these guys brought everything dark into the music. Long live Sabbath!