Joke is on you | Reviewer: Al | 4/2/13

These lyrics reflect the sorrow felt from the passing of a human loved one.... Nothing more.. totally acceptable lyrics if sang with country music or sang by Frank Sinatra..everyone knows the name Black Sabbath was never intended to be demonic... only a catchy title reflecting their interest in horror movies.. Ozzie can't help the voice he was given nor Iommi and Butler the type of riffs or rhythms that resonate with them... It's no surprise that Iommi would hire a singer that sounded similar to Ozzie.. Not everything black is demonic or sinister. I wish I would have known the PERSON the lyricist misses.. sounds like he or she made quite an impression and lived as a normal connected person!!!!

The more I listen to this song.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/07

Since the band is Black Sabbath, the name mocking the Lords Day of the Sabbath. This song to me sounds like a man has sold his soul to the Devil, and filled him with an aching heart. As days go by he's overwhelmed with fear at the loss of Gods greatest gift of all, his love. There is an empty space in this mans history of life because he can feel nothing but fear for is what to become of him, the rest of his life is lost.