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AMAZING!!! :) | Reviewer: chyanne | 1/8/10

the B.E.Ps are amazing their music has a very deep meaning and if people think they suck then they dont get the messages that the B.E.Ps are trying to put out!!!!! i hope they come out with many more albums!!! :)

Taboo I Love U | Reviewer: Natalie | 1/4/10

Taboo ur my #1 and i was born in 1996 and my mom bought ur first album and i was like three but anyways i knew that u were super hot and that u were my fav. i love and apl tooooo but taboo is just incredibly amazing aand by that i mean he is sexy and hot

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! | Reviewer: Sienna | 7/2/08

I luv the Black Eyed Peas! My fav song is Where Is The Love? It is so inspirational and I listen to it over and over and over. I wanna buy ALL of their songs if they didnt cuss so much and my family won't let me buy songs with cuss words. That's the only bad part...

i love you Taboo | Reviewer: Aline Cristina | 8/4/07

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilove love love love love love love love love love
you you you you you you you you you you you you you
kisses ass. Aline

Go the Black Eyed Peas! | Reviewer: Hope | 6/25/07

The B.E.P have a really good beat. I love their funk and the way they incoperate their music not just to an individual but to the whole wolrd. Its really amazing what these guys can come up with. The best part is they aren't skanky like all the other bands. They lived hard but they turned out one of the best bands in the world.

Keep it up guys!

these are rubbish | Reviewer: Goldsmith | 6/11/07

I entirely dislike this group and i feel disgusted every time i listen to my hump and don't phunk with my heart.this group is a rubbish it's been weird and scary

wisdom | Reviewer: Dontay Holloway | 5/15/07

A man with the talent such as only comes from wisdom it's something that not all people that you only can work for and Will has worked all his life to get and it all payed off for him hands down he is the best at what he dose...

black eyed peas arnt cool | Reviewer: james | 4/27/07

i dis like them and think their music just isnt good pce

bep r an inspiration | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/06

ive seen bep live twice now & may i say they were the 2 most memorable nights of my life. they put on amazing show while making u feel as though u were up there with them. they are all unbelievably talented musicians & i feel extremely privelaged 2 have been a part of thier concerts & feel even luckier 2 experience the bep feel

OMG I luv the BEPs | Reviewer: Ashley | 5/2/06

I really hate rap but...After I heard the BEPs I fell in love with rap.O.K. so I only like the BEPs rap music.My 3 favorite songs are...
My bffl Shania.N.L. and I love your music.I am 12 years old and my birthdate is March 27 almost just like my fvorite singer the reason I say almost is beacuase I was born in 1994 and Fergie was born in 1975 I swear.oh and my 9 year old brother has a cute little crush on Fergie.P.S. I love you Fergie I am your biggest fan I reapeat don't phunk with my heart and my humps over 5 times or 6 times at a time 2 times a day.I sure said times a lot of times huh. I'm not a lezbo but I luv you Fergie. Me and my bffl are your biggest fans that I know I can swear.

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