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Performed by Black Eyed Peas

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Torn | Reviewer: me... who really cares | 12/24/05

i like the beat and music behind the song but i hate the lyrics and video clip. its so annoying. the bep are ok but i seriously think they could have come up with some better lyrics. there a good band and i hope there next song is better

don't play it out! | Reviewer: Rachel | 12/22/05

That song is alright but it gets very anoying when the radio or little
cousins play it to much!

Great!!! | Reviewer: India | 12/18/05

This sondg is great and ne1 hu dosn't like this song is crap!!! It is the greatest song eva!! It rox, But the piano bit at the end sux!!! if ne1 hates this song there just jealous that they can't make a good song like that. seriously ne1 hu hates it is seriously crap!!!!!!

this song is hott! | Reviewer: alicia | 12/17/05

i love this song so dam much i listen to it every day people at skool say im obsessed

terrible song | Reviewer: unknow | 12/14/05

this song is absolutely terrible, I used to be B E P fan, all their other song were great, But i absolutely hated this one. I have to change my radio channel to just avoid this song. Hopefully their next release will not be as bad.

My Humps Review | Reviewer: stephanie | 12/10/05

This song was good for about 2 weeks then it got old i heard it like 15 times a day over and over again for months on the radio, tv, performances but then it gets old ..look at the lyrics their weak "so i keep on takin, but no i aint takin" just weak lines like that just sometimes it doesn't make sense if it had a word that wasnt humps,lumps,ass no one would like it anyway..its an ok song

SWEET STUFF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/05

hot song!!!! im get get get u a make u scream make u scream!! I LOVE IT BIG TIME!! ahhh i wanna go to the concert....

SUcH a Brilliant SonG | Reviewer: SALAMAT NIAZI | 12/2/05

when i heard it for the first time,i was really astonished,i searched for it in the internet and found it and i listen to this song day and night,owowowow my humps my humps

this is wicked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/05

i love this song.. it is grt and makes me laugh loads... so does all of friends it is wicked

awsome | Reviewer: The bomb | 11/18/05

this song is soooooo kool i love it my msn names r always about it and lisen knowin this song jus makes me remember i my ladie lumps and my humps there mine!

Awesome song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/05

I love this song....and all of my friends love it boyfriend learned all the lyrics so we can flirt during class by singing it without my friends getting too grossed is the best song!!!

OMFG | Reviewer: Siera | 11/20/05

I love this song so much and it is just really fun to dance to!

A great song if you are a fan like me | Reviewer: Christina | 11/15/05

Every one should know i recomened it to every one exept parents
you may get offended
And also i do not recomend singing this at dinner or at school or any other social ocassion you may be told
just like i was HINT HINT

I lOvE tHiS sOnG sO eFfiNg MuCh!!!!! | Reviewer: My HuMpS lOvEr | 11/13/05

OMFG! this song neva gets old! it tells all da ladies out there 2 flaunt wat they got and gives a description of wat guys cant have! I LOVE MY HUMPS!!

Mz HuMpZ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/05

THIS SONG IS THE BOMBBB i heard it 3 months ago and im still not sick of it its so sexy and it nicely describes us ladies;)lol this song rocks thank u BEP 4 makin suck a killaa wooot woooot

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