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Performed by Black Eyed Peas

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xx my humps xx | Reviewer: chloe | 6/21/07

WHAT A GREAT SONG! fergie i love you i wish you were my sister!
luv clo

erm no need | Reviewer: dianne | 6/19/07

theres ret no need to wank over this son its good but not get a tissue nd wank good

This is about black eyed peaaaas | Reviewer: funny bunny | 6/18/07

Hey people
I don't really like the lyrics they're kinda ruff.
Despite this, i made a couple of new lines!
"whaddya gunna do with all that breast, all that breast under your vest?"
"I'm gunna push them 'gainst your chest, gainst your chest gainst your chest!'
"I'm ever so attractive
And ever so relaxin'
People say I'm nasty
They think I'm made of plastic
They do not know my dancin'
And my serious romancin'
I get in situations,
With all of my relations.."
"She's got me spendin'..."

My Humps (puke) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/07

the lyrics are the most stupid I have heard, the beat of the song is ok but dont wanna listen to the song cuz the lyrics are too damn idiotic.

my humps | Reviewer: mark | 6/10/07

your song rocks and the better words that (mix your milk with my cocoa puff i no wat you mean you mean that mix your milk from your boobs with my dick cocoa puff it cool i like your songand i like that you like to do sex

hmm | Reviewer: wouldn't you like to know? | 5/23/07

this song is catchy, but the lyrics are disgusting. its like a song written for sluts/whores..seriously.

THANK GOD FOR ALANIS | Reviewer: My Opinion | 5/11/07

The only thing that's saved this song is Alanis Morrisette's parody cover. Otherwise, it's an offensive piece of dogshit written and recorded by a bunch of talentless cnuts.

you ROCK!!! | Reviewer: samantha blevins | 5/8/07

i love this song soooo much. you are AWESOME fergie!!! i listen to your song every day at school and while i was writing this i was listening to it over and over again. AND WHOEVER DOESNT LIKE THIS SONG IS RETARTED.
way to go peas!!

lala | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/07

Haha i love singing this song, but it's such a dirty song :). My friend gets so pissed when i sing this BUT hey it's so catchy!

fergie your the best | Reviewer: nicola | 5/1/07

hey fergie how are you areyou doing your song with your group still or on yourown

Porn | Reviewer: Hot_ice | 4/29/07

This is a catchy song and every thing but it is kind of bad. it shouldn't be played at dances and what not but i do like it I just think it's really bad language and hard core porn and i don't recommend it because little kids will hee there sissies listening to this crap and they'll get this crap stuck in their heads!!

sexy plexy:D | Reviewer: unicornesss | 4/26/07

coool song, very . . catching;) i got addicted:P funny lyrics xD

sweet stuff | Reviewer: vicky | 4/19/07

black i peas i love your song my humps i like the viedo to i danie to it people thing it is crap but is not it is rocks this world

Are you serious | Reviewer: The last sane one | 4/4/07

This is terrible. A dyslexic toddler could be counted on to compose better lyrics.

Homage to a Hog | Reviewer: Groucho Costello | 2/12/07

Wow. This horseshit got Grammy awards? What else will be celebrated in our toilet bowl culture?

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