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Performed by Black Eyed Peas

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indian loves it..... | Reviewer: nitin | 4/27/07

Being Indian, i can harldy understand anything but I found few indian words in it, like hindi. salamat, etc. I am trying to learn it...sounds good but damn tough for me...enjoy...pilipino..pilipino..pilipino

Filipino Girl | Reviewer: Alyssa | 4/22/07

Hey Black Eyed Peas!
did u know that im filipino!
Why did u create a filipino song anyways?

Filipino Girl

Bebot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/07

I relly like this song but ,as i do not understand filipino i cannot translate the words, i would love to use this song in a talent contest in my school but i need to check the words incase! Does any one have it in English or know a good sight to translate it?

proud 2 b pinoy! | Reviewer: l.u. | 2/21/07

i really appreciate this song... it tells how it feels like to be a Filipino. i am a Filipina and i'm proud of my race!

:) | Reviewer: jane | 2/12/07

very happy they did this song... nice mention of adobo! haha! :)

i love it! | Reviewer: kim | 2/11/07

i was suprised when i heard this song. i didnt think BEP would do a song like that. i understand most of it n got my mom 2 translate the rest of it. its a sxc song.

mistakes? | Reviewer: Berlin | 8/7/06

this song is awesome.. but the person spelt "filipino" wrong.
and theres a few mistakes here and there on the lyrics..
i love the band. their easy to dance to.
PROUD TO BE FILIPINO! and a little fookien too =)

black eyed peas rocks! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/06

d best band represents the world, different culture, people and music...BEBOT is an amazing masterpiece ever!

wowzer... | Reviewer: que mon? | 5/12/06

this song is hot...i'm not filipino, but i understand the language a's black eyed peas no way will they come out with a bad song. hotness baby

Yo!! Hi from Azerbaijan! eastern-europe | Reviewer: Ugur_Eminli | 5/5/06

Yo fella! Whats up!! I love this music, 1st time heard this in disco and i really liked it !!! was looking for its name about 1 week..then asked to dj when he bring this music again next time in disco. and he accidently said me its black eyed peas- disco club. but he had written same name there too lol. But nice that i got its BEP singing this .. and searched some and found Bebot name thought its it,. AND YEAH ITS IT...thank you !

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