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Performed by Black Eyed Peas

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nice one | Reviewer: Prachi | 3/13/11

it was one of my favourite song but it was another thing that i am not able to understand the lyrics, though it dosen't matter for me 'cause i know i love this song whenever i heard this song i start dancing even my family love this song..... " BEBOT ROCK "

muhhhaaa!!!!!! | Reviewer: suraj | 10/1/10

i like this song very much i can't understand it just because of i am an Indian but whenever it play in party or any where else I start danceing on this track and i can stop my self to dance on it...
Just play it and dance on it u really like it... I lovin it..

the bestest song ever!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/10

this is my favorite song of all time (other than little wayne and nikki manije's new song Bedrock) . i wish fillipino Al could come up with another song like BEBOT!!

just somethin i felt like sayin ... :P | Reviewer: Isabella | 3/30/10

awsome!!! i love this song but i couldnt understand wat it said :( but now i can :):):) many thnx 2 MightyMouse2000 for translating it <333 hahah the only thing i could understand from the original version was chicken ado & when he says filipino!!! :D all in all the song rocks and so do the black eyed peas!!!!! peace out

I love it! | Reviewer: Leah | 2/14/10

Thanks for translating! I am American, but somehow an accepted part of the ampnoy because my husband is ampnoy. Filipinos are amazing and wonderful people. The lyrics about helping his mother make sense! They are so full of love for family and pride for country. Yet accepting to a little blonde girl like me! I only understood chicken adobo... Which is what I am making fir lunch tomorrow. Yum!
Thanks to paquio and the peas for helping America see this great culture! Salamat! (hope spelled right. I speak. Don't write. Yet...)

OMG | Reviewer: Destiny | 2/12/10

OMG !!!!!!!!!! i am pure Fillipino so when i herd this song I understood everything!!!! this has got to be the best song they have ever made .I know everything there is to know about the Black Eyed Peas ,so if you want me to answer any questions for you , just email me at

Best Pinoy Song | Reviewer: Kathy | 11/8/09

I absolutely LOVE this song!!
Im half filipina and half tamil - lol weird mix
and i never knew that APL was filipino until my cousin from the philippines told me!
This song is amazing and reminds me of my family back in the philippines.
If you love this song you should listen to The APL song... its great too :D

DopeSongTagalog Preferred | Reviewer: ZuluDrWhoo | 10/11/09

I'm Straight Black American and I can't stop listening to this joint. I had the blessing of meeting the Peas Taboo & will & they are very down to earth. I'm glad they gave Bruthaman a chance to Rep pinoys, the world needs more culture representation


Pretty Amazing Songg<3 | Reviewer: Filipino Chickkkk:D | 9/22/09

dude i love this song. im half filipino so i really didnt understand what half of the lyrics meant lolz. since i looked up the lyrics, i love the songg and totally understand it!!!!
welllll this song is definately the best filipino song that i have heard so far:) so keep on writing them for us filipinas(os)!!!!

sdlf;s | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/09

ahw i love this song,
bc im filipino, and it reminds me of my childhood.
even if i only spent lke five years there(:
i feel speciaaal that i can understand it, haha yay
can you beleive i just listened to this song now,
ive heard of it when it came out,
but i was like kkk i dont carrre, but i lovveit,

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