great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/09

this uses similar sounds as REM's its the end of the world as we know it, but then again that song was based off of the sound of Bob Dylan's subterranean homesick blues


How? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/09

I love this song. I'm glad to finally see all the lyrics written out because I realised I was missing things. I would just like to ask, how can this be a Rip off of R.E.M.? Wasn't this song written before R.E.M. even existed? That was my understanding anyway. Also, Billy Joel would never rip off another band (nor does he need to).

how true | Reviewer: Nicola :) | 2/8/09

i was in the car with my mum when this song came on the radio , she started singing along but i hadn't heard it before so i just listened to the lyrics , once it had finished my mum said " how true are the lyrics in that!" so when we got home i came on here and looked at the lyrics and i realised what she was meaning . if you look at them closely you'll realise what i mean :) . And it's a great song i Love It x

^_^ | Reviewer: candichan | 1/16/09

I think that really, if everyone wanted a thorough history report, go out and read a book. He made it short and snappy because he had such little room to work with. You know, five minutes or so isn't enough to sit there and rattle off paragraph after paragraph of factual information. I think what he DID do IS very clever.
I also take the opportunity to ask how many of his rather harsh critics on here have had as many hits as he has, eh? ;)
Go Billy. :D

Chronological --ish | Reviewer: Jo | 11/24/08

The song lyrics are chronological until the last part starting with "birth control ..."

And anyone who thinks Billy Joel needs to rip off another band ahould learn a thing or two first about this great artist.

Phenominal Song | Reviewer: Amy Leona | 11/11/08

This is truly a phenominal song. Every detail is perfect. Unlike many songs, it can be appreciated in any time. My interpretation is that Billy Joel is saying that the revolutions, the changes, the pain --the "fire"-- have always exsisted in some sort of form.

I highly doubt that this is a rip-off of R.E.M. I interpreted "Its the End of the World As We Know It" as the world is changing, but it is a good change and not one that will destroy the world.

Not a ripoff, my friend... | Reviewer: Paul Desperado | 9/14/08

REM is a fine band - Michael Stipe is truly one of the greats. But to put that allegation in a little perspective, many ideas can be strung together in ways that imply a relationship, even when none really exists. REM spoke to the masses about our changing times "It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine." Billy Joel's message in this song is that times are difficult and have always been tough. I heard him in the 80s when this phenomenal song was first aired. He said he was inspired to write it when a young fan told him that times in the 80s are much rougher nowadays... that the kinds of problems his generation was facing were much worse than that of prior generations. Billy Joel said that the message in this song is that the fires of trouble have been burning a very long time, before he was born. So he sings about hiding "under his desk in an air raid drill" in another famous song to continue this. If we look to lyrics in his other songs, he brings up history - think jobs lost in Allentown, friends lost during the war in Saigon, Vietnam. Billy Joel's appeal is his honesty in presenting his perspective. "Rip-off artist" is a very unfair, unbalanced criticism. I would also point out that despite his ex-wife Brinkley going completely bonkers publicly, he never acted poorly towards her. He showed great restraint and even support when most men would have wanted to punish her in divorce court. Try to be fair... If you want to criticize his "Dreams" album, which he clearly wrote while depressed after his Brinkley divorce, I can find some rationale for that. But Joel is otherwise a pillar of American and even international music.

Rip-off idea | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/08

Joel simply ripped of REMs 'It's the end of the World', wheterh it'sbetter or not is obviuosly a subjective argument, although personally I'd rather listen to REM.

As for it being chronological someone needs to re-read their history.

Rip-off | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/08

Joel simply ripped off REMs 'It's The End Of The World' with the concept for this song.

It is NOT in chronological order, neither is it particularly clever.

However if it prompts people to read and understand more about history then that is no bad thing.

something to think about... | Reviewer: jinx | 7/11/08

Its an amazing song, great lyrics...If you like it check out what this person did with it... on the names and events and you can learn alot...

and you have to watch what this person did with it... ...great video...

the song that speaks to me | Reviewer: Alpha Corps | 6/22/08

I am a bit of a history buff as well as techlologically inclined. when I first heard this song it spoke to me like not many songs do. it is every bit a history lesson as well as a good listen. the song may not be the best dancing material, but since when has all art been for all audiences and venues? this song is for all ages and I wish someone would write and sing the whole thing with new verses for more recent events. the fire keeps burning.
-whatever happened I DIDN'T DO IT!!!

it's deep | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/08

this song is really deep if u think about it...even though it only names ppl and events, think about how much they affect us. like, how even if they didn't change the entire world, a lot still had an impact on soo many if u dont like this song, try giving it abother chance and think about what everything means.

ze chorus =] | Reviewer: anna | 5/22/08

to KING: I actually think what is written at the moment makes much more sense. Because he's talking about things that have made at lease some impression on the world whether good or bad. I might be wrong it's just what seems to make more sense to me =]
btw good song *nods*

We R Learning This! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/08

This is the BEST song ever! im 11 yrs old. we are singing nd learnin bout in in Social Studies class! We r even doing a project on it like drawing all the events/ppl . I ♥ THIS SONG! BILLY JOEL IS A GENIUS☻♥

Chorus? | Reviewer: KING | 5/15/08

We didn't start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world's been turning
We didn't start the fire
## No we didn't light it ##
## But we tried to fight it ##

This version doesn't really make sense with the line "Though we did ignite it"