LOVE IT | Reviewer: Kristy | 11/2/07

i think this is an amazing song..ive learnt so much from only 14 but this song has taught me so muchabout history awesome song

Alyssa's Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/07

it is taking me so long to learn these lyrics and since i am only 15, i havent heard of half of these things or places. my mom has heard of almost all of them. the song is really good!!

Great Song! | Reviewer: Jennifer | 10/8/07

This song is awesome. As far as leaving music types: punk, grunge, etc.. out of it, Music does cause problems. For example: a highschool we shot up by kids where marilyn manson t-shirts...they blamed marilyn manson for it, because of the music. Mentioning music is accurate with about a world basically killing itself. You cant mention suicide, drugs, homicide and leave out music. It gets blamed just like everything else does.

OH MII GAWD | Reviewer: RAWR! | 9/19/07

i luv this song
if yuu disagree thn dont bother wastin your tym or energy on something other people dont want to hear
everyone at mii school loves this song and dusnt stop singing it
i think this song will live on forever and everbody, somebody, anibody WILL LOVE IT. lyk we dooo.

love it! | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/9/07

Ok so I love this song.I learned in my History 2 class and its absolutley amazing.The lyrics are very catchy.Im starting to memorize them.I really love this songs meaning.Billy Joel I give you props.

Moron! | Reviewer: Carla | 9/8/07

The first comment here is so ignorant! This song isn't about things that have caused harm, it is about things in history. Joel wrote the song in response to a kid who made a snide comment about there not being enough history in his generation. Get your facts straight before you make an ass of yourself.

WTF?? | Reviewer: Phyllis justice | 8/16/07

I love this song i do but i don't agree with him putting metal and rock n roll in there. Music does not cause any conflict people do. So next time leave the tunes out of it!!!! it would be a much better song!

We Didn't Start The Fire - Billy Joel | Reviewer: Eunice | 7/29/07

Its a GREAT song. theres nothing else to it but the Piano man is a LEGEND. Good stuff mate.

share the blame... | Reviewer: hasardeur | 6/19/07

It is definately NOT all about YOUR history. It would be quite self centered to state something like that.
In the end this song is about how things are repeating and evolving, for better or worse. If it would be all about your history, your history would have set the world on fire. And that in return would only be half the truth.

Great song! | Reviewer: amanda | 6/18/07

If I were a history teacher, I would definitely teach to this song!! It's all about our history and it's just simply an amazing song by the Piano Man!!

We Didn't Start The Fire | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/07

0mg this is 1 of his best songs ever. i love it. very popular especially if u can get to listen to it in ur american history cla$$. lol.

Not just some old song | Reviewer: Jessi | 6/5/07

You have got to admit- you have to be insane not to like this song. It has great historical significance behind the catchy tune and lyrics. I am so addicted to this song I memorized all the lyrics (talk about a way to bug your friends)

Rock on Billy!

BARDOT !! | Reviewer: adi | 6/2/07

Tried the link for correcting the lirics but couldn't submit. Corrections of the lyrics :
Not "Bob Dole", Budapest, Alabama...
"BARDOT", Budapest, Alabama...
For Brigitte Bardot, famous french actress, sex-bomb at her time.

what the heck | Reviewer: blla bllal | 5/15/07

whats up with this Lebanon is the best, Charles de Gaulle, USA,kiss my breast!! that is not right at all try again that is offending to me

nice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

nice song... you need to know quite a lot to write it!
i'm glad he included juan peron in it, it shows that argentina is somehow important, or at least it was at that time....
its hard to remember it by hard, though