To Billy Joel | Reviewer: Cooper Taylor | 12/9/10

hi i am a big fan of this song and im going to attempt to sing it next year at magestic theartrei was just wondering if you could give me some tips on how to be a good musician.
Thanks From Cooper Taylor.

Excuse me? | Reviewer: Yo | 10/1/10

Idk why anyone would say this isn't a good song, it may not have the best melody (even Billy Joel admitted that) but its lyrics are unmatched. Billy is easily one of the greater songwriters of history, because of the alliteration and rhyme schemes he uses.

spectators "art" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/10

this is a pure example of a spectators art... which personally i find sucks... cuz billy joel's "creativity" is only based on other peoples work...
I understand nothing is original... It's goo for a kick but it sucks... listen to the star trek rendition instead.. if you tell me it sucks...because it's a rip off.. well... now you understand how i feel about this song... :D

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/10

hey satfire99 you really need to learn how to spell, i love this song and have nothing against you personally but if you choose to tell some one off you need to spell things right or they will make fun of you, much as i am doing now :p

:D | Reviewer: New York Girl | 5/14/10

Heyy!! I'm 12 and have my mothers taste in music, so this song is amazing! My mother and I were trying to sing it in the kitchen but could only get bits and pieces out, so I went on here. My friends think I'm strange for liking "old music". "old music" is the best music you can find. Billy Joel is fantastical and with every album I buy I love his songs even more. I have about 10 favorites, this one at the #1 spot!! He really is a musical genius. Also, for people stating opinions on here that really don't have to be stated, if you'll take it, I have some advice for you. As my musically challenged friends say, "Get a life. Why do you act, like, 80??" just hack off the last sentence. I'm sure there are better things you could be doing. Music is amazing (especially Billy Joel) . End of story.
PEACE , <3, New York, Music ~ T.M. Cuneo

Pardon me? | Reviewer: blestlyrical | 5/7/10

Anonymous how the heck could you compare Cheryl Cole to Billy Joel and MJ? What has she done that could ever even shake a stick at the talent of these two men?

Anyway, very clever song indeed. Word play, phrasing, historical context everything. Not as easy as it might appear. Billy is the man.

Shalom x

Story behind this song | Reviewer: tata | 4/26/10

I saw an interview and he said he'd planned on writing a rap song but was struggling. Then he was having a conversation with a young guy and they were discussing politics and the state of the world. The younger guy was blaming it on Joel's generation. ( Joel who never finished high school but was a big history buff) started naming all of these past events that led up to present day circumstances. He said that he realized that as he was naming these things it sounded like a rap song. If every student knew a little something about everyone of these names and events they'd know a 'condensed' account of most of the 20th century.

Your seriously are stupid | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/10

This song is classic.End of.The 2 only people that could compare with Billy Joel would be Micheal Jackson (R.I.P) and Cheryl Cole.End of. So if you don't like this song don't look up the lyrics to just slag him off.End of. Did you not think that people would disagree but like i was taught if you haven't got anything nice to say don't say it. THINK!!!! p.s ily u joe - w - <3

Shut up! | Reviewer: Satfire99 | 2/3/10

Even if he did use somethinegs from R.E.M or what ever,I would gladly let your know other famous peple took thigs from others. If you whant to call someone a joke, obama is one we can all laugh at. Ha!!!!!!!!

Be quite! | Reviewer: Satfire99 | 2/5/10

This is for all you haters, Billy joel rocks and so dose his song.
You whant to blame some one for this song being "bad", blame your shelf for your bad taste in music!! He might have gotten some ideas from REM but, I think you just whant to fuss.

LOL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/09

BIlly Joel "bedding his daughters friends"
i dont even know if there is any truth to that, but ill say this.
1- he could "bed" me anytime, and im 26. why? because he is absolutely amazing. so maybe theres a reason he can "bed his daughters friends", just a thought. haha. sounds like you are just jealous that hes a pimp. :-P
2- comparing him to REM is a complete joke. seriously dude. hes billy freakin joel. that'd be like comparing the beatles to 98 degrees or something, theres no comparison.

NO CONTEST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/09

R.E.M or Billy Jole, no real challenge. O.K i'll give "the world as we know it" to R.E.M but Billy Jole is soooooooooooooooooooooooo..... much better. THERE IS NO CONNECTION to R.E.M or any other song. "The catcher in the rye." anyone who who can put this into a song has true talent. any one who has anything to say I dare you to go to a Hard core 80's fan who grew up with this song and tell them otherwise....... THEY WILL KILL YOU. ^.^

O_o | Reviewer: rewazi | 9/12/09

What's the argument about REM and Billy Joel? This song and It's the End of the World are only alike in that the singer talks fast. Also, both are very good groups (though I prefer Billy Joel ^.^) but that's completely opinion based. I'm not sure how a person can say one band is better than another; especially when there reasoning is based off of more opinions.

jemimah | Reviewer: jemimah squiggle savins | 8/11/09

Excuse me, but R.E.M. isn't even half as talented as Billy Joel and they'll be lucky to have even 1/4 the talent that BIlly Joel has. R.E.M.'s song :The End of The World as we Know it" is about, well, the end of the world. This song is about history, so how could you even see a resemblance between the two? And how in the world has Billy Joel ripped off the Beatles, Dylan, OR Doo-Wop, Michael? Please explain it, because I think there's something I'm missing here.

gemma | Reviewer: gemma maree davis | 8/11/09

alright look i learned about this song in history TODAY!!! and Billy Joel wrote this song about the Cold War chronologically by HIS LIFE! he went thru his life and put in important facts and things like that that had happend up to the time he wrote the song. Like the person above im also doing a report on the song because of its ties with the Cold War so idk who R.E.M. is but this was no ripoff. GO BILLY JOEL THIS SONG IS AWESOME!!!!!!!