Reviews for She's Always A Woman Lyrics

Performed by Billy Joel

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I am not proud | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/11

An older track which I listened to recently and realised that it perfectly describes my own daughter. The most beautiful, lovable and charming 16 year old who has a dark side which is so cold and ruthless you could kill her without feeling a shred of remorse. It comes out of the blue, from no where and incites pure rage in those that love her. She is already leaving behind her a trail of broken hearts belonging to devastated young lads who I sincerely hope will go on to make a full recovery. There are times when I am not proud of what I have produced. My god, I hope it's just hormones.

Kernel of truth | Reviewer: Me | 7/8/11

I would encourage anyone in this type of relationship to get out, but love can be a powerful incentive to stay even when you shouldn't. It is usually women who lack the confidence to leave this kind of relationship, so it's interesting to hear this tale from a male perspective.

I'm not certain Billy Joel had this exact relationship with anyone. Writers often experience a part of what ends up in a song, and embellish the rest-- whatever it takes to take the song as beautiful stirring, and evocative as this one is. Writers as good as Billy are uncommon.

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Annalaise Merchant | 6/24/11

The song, and the lyrics are gorgeous! Truly beautiful and touching. I'm no expert on Music Reviews ,but I can tell you, this is CERTAINLY a song worth listening to. The first few lines are just perfect to set the whole song off. But I must admit, the chorus is not too my liking - it's pretty random. If you want an image to go with the song, then check out the John Lewis advert on YouTube! :)

Re: Laughable really | Reviewer: Chris | 6/7/11

"Oh, and please don’t post about me never having felt love ‘cos if this is love, dodging it would be a life well spent."

This IS one aspect of love. Love isn't always a stroll through the tulips; there are good times and bad. If you try to find love, you had best prepare yourself for a fair amount of disappointment.

Review the song She's Always A Woman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/11

Songs like this are written, and listened to, by deluded fools...This is the word or a review of John.

To john…
Once you fall in love, then you come back at this site and make a review again and let's see who the fool is, maybe once you fall in love you will commit suicide.

Laughable really | Reviewer: John | 4/23/11

Songs like this are written, and listened to, by deluded fools who are basically too weak to tell their partner to wake up and smell the coffee. No man with any self respect would allow themselves to be treated like this and then worse than just accepting that they are just weaklings, make the excuse that she is a “woman”. It’s an insult to any man who empathises with it and any woman who it could be construed to be about. Oh, and please don’t post about me never having felt love ‘cos if this is love, dodging it would be a life well spent.

that woman | Reviewer: storm | 3/19/11

Since I know that woman I know what she did. But what if she is alone...
Peter Sarstedt sang about it in "Where do you go to my lovely"

Oh...I want to look in both heads because the are 2 sides of one woman.

I know this woman | Reviewer: Roy Sydiaha | 2/2/11

I've loved this song since it came out, but I can't say it's described anyone I've known, so I haven't been able to relate. But I know someone who is so exactly like this now. I think that this song is in praise of strong women, who, at the time, were lesser-known, or not encouraged. I think now women like this are accepted and encouraged, which is great. The woman I know like this will own her successful business some day, and be liked and respected by her people, and loved by her (future) husband.

Feeling the solidarity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/11

A wonderfully rational song about a woman who calls the shots, it's a one-sided relationship but shell never admit it. I'v rediscovered it and it's lyrics after being hurt by my ex-gf. I broke it off after after 2 years because she was like the woman in this song. I'm a mess now I found out she's now seeing one of my best friends, who I live with, and now I know why: cos she's always a woman to me.

Love this!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/11

I don't care if this song is sarcastic or dissing women (which I don't think). I think it describes a fierce, independent, freewilled woman, who although he is annoyed by and wishes would listen, he loves!!!

is the song about me??? | Reviewer: weng | 1/25/11

i think this song best describes me... it tells the positive and negative sides of my being a woman. It never fails to warm my heart whenever i hear this song and i am really envious to the girl that was in Billy Joel's mind when he wrote this song. It always feels great to know that somebody appreciates you despite ur flaws. Positive song or negative... depends on how you take it, but still... I LOVE IT!!!

How I see it | Reviewer: Lucidus | 1/26/11

I always thought this song was about a man whose feelings for a woman were not reciprocated. That would explain why she brings the best out of him (as he makes his best to get her), as well as the worst (when she makes it clear she's not interested). It also explains why he says "blame it all on yourself" or "she can't be convicted", coz it's all about his feelings and not about who she is. It's not about her being cruel in general, but about how he feels knowing his love is unrequited.

Dear Misinformed Listeners... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/11

Billy Joel had written this song for his wife, who had taken control of management in his career. The song is describing how she was a firce negotiator, but she was still a woman to him. It may seem sarcastic, but it is a ballad. The couple is divorced.

I dont understand... | Reviewer: Roland | 1/8/11

When in a relationship... How can you possible say this is 'our song' ?... When you ask me the girl/woman that this song is about first seems strong and in control. But its also someone you should never want to trade places with.. Because she will be alone.. And that one line 'she's always a woman to me' places the singer/writer back on top but out of love'... Thats how i see it.. And yes i do know a woman like that.. No i do not 'love-love' her... And yes she is always a woman to me. ( so much ibput her in charge of my company for those female personalities are perfect for business but hell in a relationship :)

READ THIS!!! ;) | Reviewer: Sharon xx Age 16 | 12/30/10

I reckon this is a song with many meanings good and bad, I'm a girl so I really like it but guys might think the opposite that the woman is a bit too much. I think the answer is within the song writer himself he obviosly wrote it for a reason. Why not tweet it, and ask him?

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