Wow | Reviewer: Andrew | 4/7/07

One of the greatest songs of all time. love it. its so beautiful. Makes me cry

So beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/07

This is so beautiful song. I heard it first time in Finland idols, and it really was Ari who sang it.
I'm in love.

A Classic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/07

A true classic. One of Billy Joel's most famous pieces about his old job at a Los Angeles piano bar. Love it.

Woo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/07

this song is amazing! it will cary on from generation to generation.
im 17 and i love it!

lovely :D | Reviewer: hippuli | 2/20/07

I realy love this song. firsth time i heart it fmon finland idols. and then i fall in love ;D ari koivuniemi if i remember ringht was that khow sing this realy well :D Im realy sorry that i cant just speak enghlis bacause im finnish :D
lovely winter for everybody

Piano man is spectacular. | Reviewer: Sam ( spunky) <3 | 6/22/06

I L0VE this song.Its a classic forever and always. :)

Not 'carnivor' | Reviewer: Chilean Hector | 6/17/06

As far as I know and in every version I've seen, it's "...and the piano sounds like a carnival...". Not "carnivor".
A masterpiece of clasics, indeed.
Hector from Santiago de Chile

What does a "carnavor" sound like??? | Reviewer: BJ | 8/13/05

At the time of this writing, the lyrics read, "And the piano, sounds like a CARNAVOR." Hey, maybe the "microphone smells like a BEAR....."

Don't worry, I won't point out the poor puncuation and spelling errors. I was so inspired by CARNAVOR that I rewrote the lyrics as a parody... It's a hoot! This would be a great entry for "misunderstood lyrics."

Keep 'em comin'