Really | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/11

I never thought this had anything to do with Jesus or God but if that's what pepole want to think then go ahead you can but I think it's abour just sitting back, relaxing, and forgetting the world around you

answer to bunko paniczny | Reviewer: Gab | 11/1/11

Yeah you're right, it's a real nice song, and I don't know why, I also've been lovin' it 'till I'm very young... and for your question, I think that "real estate novelist" means that that guy is working in the real estate, but like many novelist is unknown and has very small incomes, even if he's tryin' hard... I know it's a bit simple, but most of the time, people who write songs go with simple things meaning deeper things, wich are really personnal, so you can have your own deep meaning for that, and the writer has its own, that can be really hard to find.By the way, I think it's "carnival" instead of "carnivore"...

what the hell... | Reviewer: bunko paniczny | 10/14/11

I love the song, yeah? always did; since i was 7 or 8? but for the life of me-WHAT in the HELL is a "Real Estate Novelist"??? does anybody have ANY idea? I understand EVERY single lyric in the whole song-but I have NEVER heard ANYONE referred to as: "A Real Estate Novelist" what gives?

This is how it goes... | Reviewer: RedMoonRising | 10/3/11

Piano Man is by far Billy Joel's best song because it speaks directly to the soul of everyone that listens to it. We've all felt alone, watching others, trying to just get by. We've been the Naval officer stuck in a job we probably don't want to stay in. We've been underemployed, lost, and in need of resting and finding ourselves again. After my longest relationship and I broke up, I listened to this song all the time. It makes me feel better. A little somber, but a little better.
You, sir, who feels the need to relate this song to the story of Jesus' life, have a problem. Not everything in this world is supposed to be related to a god that not everyone worships. And the people before me had a point: Billy Joel was Jewish, so there's no reason he'd ever write about Jesus. Really, there's no reason for me to post on this subject purely because reasonable points have already been made and therefore I am just venting about how ignorant you are, sir.

Some kid musician in high school | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/11

When ever i hear this song, i feel like i'm billy playin' the piano. It makes me feel good and i forget about most things around me, but all this religious talk with the song is puting it off for me. In the analitical essays i did on this song there was no mention of religion, it may sound crude and disrespectful, but i'm just puting it out there

It's a beautiful piece With a good tune. | Reviewer: Jenna | 9/6/11

Everyone is focusing on the tiny negatives when the negatives don't really matter. Let's all at least try to find the positives or, 'look on the bright side' because it's not really that hard at all. One positive is, this song has got a great melody. A second and third positive is he's got a great voice, followed up with a great beginning, middle and end! Why should we care where he got the lyrics from?! It's a great song.

to the person who thinks this about jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/11

This comment is a little late but I just wanted to add in that I'm religious but when I first heard this song and every time I hear it, Jesus getting Hung on a cross is definitely not the image I get. No where near the image I get. And when I read what you posted on here i sensed a little bit of craziness. Just sayin.

re: piano man+story of jesus | Reviewer: kitty | 7/10/11

really? the song is NOT about the story of jesus, smart one. plus, you got all the details of jesus' life wrong, starting with your very first interpretation. jesus died on friday, not saturday. and then all the people you're assuming are meant to be biblical figures are just people... it's meant to be one of billy joel's stories based off of his experiences. the piano man and jesus may have some similarities, but you're missing the song's meaning.

To the story if Jesus guy | Reviewer: Mark | 6/27/11

Now i'm an atheist so religion is not my thing but one thing I do know is you ruined one of the greatest songs of all time. This song is about spending time in a place where you can sit back with a drink and literly forget about the world around you. That is what this song is about. I first heard this song when I was 2 and since then it has been locked into my top 2 ever since. I'm 22 now so you can all do the math.

Why would he write about religion? | Reviewer: Bob | 4/12/11

If you listened to any of his other music, namely "Only the Good Die Young," you would know that he has no interest in writing about religion. He especially would not be writing about Jesus, considering the fact that he's Jewish.

Umm... no. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/11

I don't mean to be rude, thinking up all of that Bible stuff must have taken a while. It's a perfect, well-written song. As far as the public knows, and I'm sure it is just this, it's about Billy Joel and his old gig at a bar. So really, there's no need to go into this, or even post that. If people want to believe this involves God, or not- It's their choice.
By the way, I love this song :D

song for the people who really understand music if dont u want get it | Reviewer: cocoa | 1/14/11

this might one the best songs ever written and played simply great the lyrics are moving about regular people living regular lives but wanting more of the good life i would really love to go to that bar and maybe sit next to that old man making love to his tonic gin when the last time u heard some one order a tonic and gin

Piano man or No Piano Man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/10

These song is for all those that got stuck in memory lane, to all that can never forget those times growing up in the fast lane i love it and nver forget what it done to my life and all my friend
Those days will never be the same again

seriously?! This is for the Jesus guy.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/10

Listen, I'm religious and believe in God. But this song has absolutely NOTHING to do with him.. The bar in this song and all the people in it are real.. There really is a bartender when Billy used to play named John. Paul really did talk to Davy, it was pure coincidence that Davy was in the navy. The waitress studying politics was his first wife. The bar is where they met.. and the regulars in the bar called him the piano man.. They also told him that he was too good to be playing in a bar.. Hence "and they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar and say 'man, what are you doin' here?'".. Get the facts straight before you just assume shit you don't know.. Anyone ever tell you that when you assume you make an ass out of u and me?! It's true!!

To "story of Jesus" guy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/10

Luke was not a tax collector, Matthew was. . Luke was a medic. If you actually paid attention to detail, you would have figured that out. You tried too hard to link this song the bible. Doesn't make sense. Don't ruin this perfectly good song.