piano man=story of jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/10

first let me congratulate you on the huge amount of time you wasted by typing this bullshit up. like it was said before thanks for ruining perfectly good music. before reading your entire review of the song i pulled on a pair of rubber boots so that i wouldnt get any of this stinking bullshit on my shoes. no get your bible thumpin ass of this website before you ruin any more music.

To the Story of Jesus guy, and the guys who debated it | Reviewer: Jake Welde | 7/26/10

Look, here's the thing- YOU ARE BOTH RIGHT.
The thing is, the Piano Man is just like Jesus- he brings people together in the lonely world.
It doesn't mean that the song is ABOUT that. It just means that it is related to that.
There are really so few stories in the world.
People just change the details.

Piano man is awsome | Reviewer: blake | 7/8/10

I personally love piano man. This was one of his famous pieces. Piano man gives me a breeze for my future. Maybe one day i would start singing and remix Piano Man. I love piano man. It one of my most famous pieces that I like. I give him a five star for that piece. Plus, I am one of his biggest fan.

To the Story of Jesus guy | Reviewer: Dogson | 6/30/10

Man, what kind of drugs are you on? This song could'n be more straightfoward than it is and talks about exactly what you understand taking it at face value. There are bars like this in every city and lonely people goes to them every Saturday, you could see scenes not much different to the one described in the song everywhere. I know people tends to feel smarter interpreting things allegorically, or looking for metaphors in every thing, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And a very good cigar at that.

Relating Jesus to Piano Man | Reviewer: andrew | 6/14/10

You are stupid and find a reason to throw religion into everything. HE never existed and never will. Do some research out side the bible for once. FYI Man wrote the bible there for it would be written from natural sin! AKA NOT Real not matter how u look at it. follow ur bible thumping way somewhere else don't try and ruin good music. Thanks douche bag.

Piano Man=Story of Jesus | Reviewer: Will Phillippi | 3/21/10

It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday- on the cross on Saturday I believe
The regular crowd shuffles in- people waiting for him in heaven/people questioning Jesus, waiting for resurrection.
There’s an old man sitting next to me- Joseph Jesus’ earthly father older by now he died early in Jesus’ life.
Makin’ love to his tonic and gin- Joseph the one who prepared his dead body with chemicals
He says, son, can you play me a memory? I’m not really sure how it goesBut it’s sad and it’s sweet and I knew it completeWhen I wore a younger man’s clothes- back to his earthly father he calls him son. Memory a earthly one.
La la la, de de daLa la, de de da da daChorus:Sing us a song, you’re the piano manSing us a song tonightWell, we’re all in the mood for a melodyAnd you’ve got us feelin’ alright- Gods grace
Now, John at the bar is a friend of mineHe gets me my drinks for freeAnd he’s quick with a joke or to light up your smokeBut there’s someplace that he’d rather beHe says, bill, I believe this is killing me.As the smile ran away from his faceWell I’m sure that I could be a movie starIf I could get out of this place- talking of John the Baptist. Was Jesus’ earthly friend talking of when he sent someone to ask Jesus if he was the one Jesus replied “I Am” which means he was the same god that the jews worshiped. Talking of being a movie star was Johns’ ego and his passion for purpose. The smile running from his face refers to Johns beheading.
Oh, la la la, de de daLa la, de de da da da-Gods grace
Now paul is a real estate novelistWho never had time for a wife-Jesus thinking of Paul or Saul in the future. Being a real estate novelist refers to Paul being a tent maker and writing over half of the New Testament. Never had time for a wife is talking about paul never getting married because he wanted to refrain from sexual sin for when Christ came back. However he wanted people to stay in marriage.
And he’s talkin’ with davy who’s still in the navyAnd probably will be for life-Hes talking King David that was a great warrior till the end and he wants to touch him with his grace when he reaches heaven.
And the waitress is practicing politics- Mary Magdlin with disciples and served them at the last supper. Later started the city-state of Philipi where gospels may have been written.
As the businessmen slowly get stonedYes, they’re sharing a drink they call lonelinessBut it’s better than drinkin’ alone-Thinking of lonely tax collectors. Namely Luke who I believe was a tax collector and wrote one of the gospels.
Chorus-Gods grace
It’s a pretty good crowd for a Saturday-Followers waiting for resurrection.
And the manager gives me a smile’cause he knows that it’s me they’ve been comin’ to seeTo forget about life for a while-Manger is God who smiles on Jesus and giving his life for sin so that the world can live in his forgiveness’ not in there sin.
And the piano, it sounds like a carnival-good Friday/the future celebration of Easter.
And the microphone smells like a beer-microphone represents the cross because it is the platform and symbol of Christianity. It smells of beer in the form alcohol as wine, the blood of Christ.
And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar And say, man, what are you doin’ here? -the bar represents Jesus hanging among sinners and the questioning of this by the sinners and the Jewish hierarchy. The Bread is the body of Christ and the payment of his followers by walking with Christ.
Oh, la la la, de de daLa la, de de da da daChorus-God grace.

RE: "Man what are you doing here?" | Reviewer: Jessie87 | 3/9/10

Along to your comment and the comment about this being a literal translation. It is a very literal translation and you were very right about the concert/interview about the meaning about the song. the only thing you left out was the fact that what he is talking about is a time when he was already famous. He was trying to get out of a record contract so he dropped out of the limelight and disappeared time the contract ran out. and the line "man what are you doing here?" is talking about the fact that he was already famous and was found in a hole in the wall bar. think about it. wouldnt you say the same thing if you walked into a crappy bar and one of your favorite singers was just sitting there singing.

Yes, they're sharing a drink they call loneliness | Reviewer: soulman | 12/26/08

"Yes, they're sharing a drink they call loneliness
But it's better than drinkin' alone"

So very true. Billy Joel is saying even though the times may be bad between the two people, they still have something in common: loneliness, and having someone that can relate to your issues, having someone that can understand you and respond to you from experience, always lightens the tension.

Well put, Billy.

Figure Skater | Reviewer: Emerogork | 12/18/08

I have been skating for quite some time and I first heard Piano Man was when I was on the ice. It is a very dynamic waltz and snapping those 3-turns (European Waltz) across the end of the rink makes for such a powerful strut... I am totally in 7th heaven when I get to skate to Piano man...

P.S. I never knew the one line of the lyrics. "When I wore a younger man's clothes", I always sang "And I worry under my toes".. hehehehe

Thank you Billy Joel

"Man, what are you doin' here?" explanation | Reviewer: Kevin Cox | 10/4/08

This is just something you hear, as a performer, in small, seemingly inconsequential venues. The person who says this to you is in effect saying, "You're way too good to be playing in a small town like this", but he doesn't mean to say you're wasting your life away or anything negative. They're just trying to say that they think you are a world class performer or at least as good as anybody they've ever heard on a local scale.

Harmonica | Reviewer: Julián | 7/3/08

Wow! The first time I listened to this song just caught me. A frien of mine asked me to translate it for him, but I had never listened to it. I'm glad there are still good compositors like Billy Joel, and good singers as well. I'm super fan of the harmonica... I play it by ear, so I find so nice that this song has a "touch" of it. Eventhough it is a very short harmonica "solo", I love it. I like to play the whole song on my C harp.

piano man | Reviewer: Sam | 5/27/08

This is a great song with great lyrics, one of my absolute favorite songs ever.

A response I have for the writer who says everyone translated this too literally:
There's is a recording from a concert that Billy Joel gave (I don't know where, I heard it on yahoo radio) where he explains each phrase of the song. And it is meant to be a literal translation. Billy Joel was once a Piano Man at a bar where John at the bar was a friend of his, there was a waitress practicing politics, businessmen were getting stoned and an old man asked him one night to play an old song.

Nueva mami | Reviewer: Tanya | 4/2/08

De acuerdo con todos! He escuchado esta cancion desde que tengo memoria, y cada vez la encuentro mejor. I think the same way! This song has been always in my life, and everytime gets better. Sorry 4 my bad redaction. I'm from Chile

Billy Joel | Reviewer: Carlos | 2/2/08

Music is a way to escape from reality and by playing this song at the bar not only is he escaping reality but he's HELPING others do the same and he was also just describing the times. I love B.J. cause he was just so real and with the times. It's Hip Hop

Piano Man is a legit name because... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

This is a wonderful song, one of Billy Joel's finest. However, Piano Man is a literal title because Billy Joel not only was a great singer, but quite a good pianist as well. "Piano Man" is not just a fantasy song illustrating crushed dreams, although it partly is.