It's simply a wonderful song | Reviewer: Jessamine | 1/21/14

It actually makes me laugh to look at everybody ALMOST arguing about what the song means. It's a beautiful song, listen and enjoy. I find it ruins it to try and decipher the meaning behind every last word. I just like the song.

loneliness | Reviewer: Mare | 7/5/13

My son passed away and I was leaving a message on his facebook page to alert his friends. All of a sudden Piano Man started to play...I do not know how or why, but it made me smile...he loved that song and I believe that in some way he was sending me a never happened again....

Piano Man saved my life | Reviewer: Geoff Jefferson | 3/2/13

This song saved my life after I fell down a well and lost the use of the left side of my body. I couldnt function. I could barely speak. Someone (an angel I think) climbed through the window of my hospital room with a ghettoblaster and played this song into my ears. I awoke the next morning with an enormous sense of well being. I will forever remember this song and that angel(?)

Ain't that the truth | Reviewer: Zed | 3/2/13

So many people just don't get what they want out of life. Dusty ambitions crowd the skeletons in most anyone's closet.
Paul never had a wife, Davy will never leave the navy, the barman cherishes movie star dreams, the businessmen are all lonely and the waitress wants to have a political career. And as for the piano man: "man what are you doing here?" all these people with all these fantastic dreams make the fact that they are all stuck in a bar trying "to forget about life for a while" all the more pathetically tragic. Especially as most people can relate to this.
But aside from these poor hopes and dreams i love this song for the wonderful music. Thank you Billy Joel for the best song in the world!!!

@bunko paniczny: real estate novelist | Reviewer: Kiki | 2/11/13

This song is about people who are stuck in one job (or life) and wish they were doing another. Indeed there is no such thing as a real estate novelist but it is because he is the type that sells real estate by day and writes novels on the side but has never been published.

blacksole | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/13

yeah great song bill. ps a real estate novelist refers to someone who sells suprise suprise real estate. they're all novelists when it comes to describing property. they have to be.

Piano Man | Reviewer: Viktor Ferenczy | 11/28/12

It's about western civilization, and how core is alcohol cons core to it. Alcohol is still crap, no matter how accepted it is. This lyric just encourages drinkers, that everyone does it, so why shouldn't I. Bunch of drunkfarts

i know how to play piano man : D | Reviewer: glenmore barchan | 10/15/12

i think piano man is awesome because i think imma play it in school i thonk the girls will be impressed because i play it nice and slow and sometimes fast but i think i and they will like it anyway

My two cents | Reviewer: Mauricio | 9/13/12

This song is about a place where you go when you are feeling down. The Piano Man is a guy who (surprise, surprise) plays the piano and sings to cast bad feelings away, to make people who feel bad feel a bit better. The old man, John, Paul, Davy, the businessman, the waitress, and the pretty good crowd for a Saturday are all like that: people with problems in life. Hey, the Piano Man himself is like that, what else would he be doing there?

It's a beautiful song. If you feel down, sit with a friend, with a bottle, alone, it doesn't really matter if you are listening to this. Billy Joel will be your Piano Man.

My innermost interpretation | Reviewer: Drew | 5/16/12

This song is basically telling the listener to relax and let go of the events so they can unwind and be themselves(generic interpretation). But what I truthfully think and can relate to is that life can be a blur and we don't have time to screw around or someone will have to retell us the story.

about | Reviewer: Caleb | 4/20/12

actual, piano man is what billy joe was called as a child and this was an experience he shared with many people, the ones who where lucky enough to know billy joe where more fortunate than most

Piano Man. | Reviewer: Steve C. | 1/3/12

So the businessman gets STONED?? I just thought that it was a poetic rhyming with alone and that the word was "Done", as in gets done with his job, anyway, glad to see what the last stanza's line about the beer smelling was, I was wondering WHAT the hell the Beer SMELLED like!:)

ANd the best Billy Joel song.

Sensations | Reviewer: MarKoala | 12/29/11

Bueno, esta canción representa algo diferente para cada persona, a algunos los hace sentirse felices, a otros no les gusta, otros se sienten melancólicos, otros empiezan a tratar de ver cosas ocultas dentro de ella y realmente "ven lo que quieren ver". Pero hay algo muy cierto en esta canción... que cumple su propósito pues nos hace olvidarnos de nuestras vidas por un momento para concentrarnos en otra cosa...

You know what I think this song is about? | Reviewer: Grody | 12/5/11

I think this song is about a guy who plays piano at a bar. Hey, look, Wikipedia agrees with me:

"'Piano Man' is a fictionalized retelling of Joel's experience as a piano-lounge singer in Los Angeles at the Executive Lounge and Joel has stated that all of the characters depicted in the song were based on real people."

put it to rest | Reviewer: ??? | 11/15/11

so... to put to end this hate on Jesus guy, and to show that ecryone is right, let me say one thing in general about art. art is, just like this sone, what you interpret it to be. "piano man" can be about jesus and the cross.
jesus guy did a great job comparing it to the bible, so nice job doing that... not neccisaraly meaning i agree with it, but...

just as well, it could also be about an avrage day at the bar. people comeing to forget there sorrows and finding a feeling of togetherness... agan, im not saying i agree with this, but...

so lets just drop this whole thing and talk about what is really important. the song, and how YOU interpret it, not how we think others are wrong.