HELP!!!! | Reviewer: | 1/10/08

i love this song but i want to know what is the instrument playing in the background around 5:00 until 5:10 ... please, if u know email at

Wow! | Reviewer: Fan Gurl | 12/30/07

I really loved this song, the first time I heard it on a CD, I played it over and over again! This song was really good, and I still love it! <3

Interpretations and inspirations | Reviewer: Araya | 12/16/07

I'm a song writer myself though nothing I write will be nearly as good as Billy's, his music has inspired me from day one. As my late mother's favorite singer I knew his music early and loved it, singing along with this song since age two.

In answer to a previous question, I agree with the answer to half the question already given. He's got amazing insight into things like that. But what he means by putting bread in his jar is they're giving him money. If you've got money then you've got bread, you've got a way to pay for food, or bread.

Anyway, wonderful music, wonderful lyrics, wonderful song!

Inferatus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/07

You are all far too literal. This song has nothing to do with a piano-man. It is a complete contrast of the bill of rights, and "The Pursuit Of Happiness". An expression of how the vast majority of people in the world will be in pursuit of happiness their entire lives. The grass is always greener elsewhere, no-matter where you are. "Sing us a song, you're the piano man" Can be translated to "Do your job, because you're being paid for it" ........... We all will, eternally, be seeking greener grasses. No matter our proffession.

Piano Man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/07

"Man, what are you doin' here"

can be interpreted several ways. Two ways that I think are most likely what the author meant is: 1-That the piano man is so good, he needs to be performing on a bigger stage, not just some bar. He needs to take his game to the next level so to speak. 2- and/or why is he in the bar with these kind of people. Whereas the rest of the folks described are looking to escape from their respective realities, he is the only one there who seems not to be, although he is helping them to do so. The irony there is that to a musician, there is little if nothing in life that allows one to escape more than performing, so really is just the same, but in his own way.

Hope that helps.

last part | Reviewer: elena | 12/11/07

I looove this song...the lyrics are amazing..
i understand and identify myself in every phrase..except for the last line!! can ayone explain what it means????:
"And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar
And say, "Man, what are you doin' here?"

Fantastic! | Reviewer: Mitchell | 12/7/07

This has got to be my favourite song of all time. As both a pianist and a human being I just love every aspect of it. Billy has such incredible insight into the life of all people and what makes us human. As for the piano solos...brilliant. Just brilliant.

I Knew it! | Reviewer: Guitar Man | 10/29/07

I first heard this song at one of his first concerts in Buffalo, NY back in the early 70's.
I recall that he was the opening act for the Doobie Brothers. I said to my girlfriend at the time, "This guy is going to be really big in no time at all!" Guess I was right, eh?!

Love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/07

i love this song my mom introduced it to me! i love old songs my ex boyfriend intrduced me to the beatles and now they are my fav band. im 13 and im one of the only people i know who like this song and who are my age!!

Great Billy Joel | Reviewer: Crardinal | 9/15/07

This is one of greatest songs ever, no doubts about that. Billy Joel is one of my faves apart from Beatles and Pink Floyd.....
My Top 5 from Billy Joel:
1. Piano Man
2. New York State of Mind
3. My Life
4. Rver of Dreams
5. Allentown

is this the A.A. forum ? | Reviewer: Me | 8/30/07

It's depressing...It makes me want to do something with my life but it's too hard so I'll rather get stoned.

Great song<3 | Reviewer: Piano (wo)man | 8/25/07

I heard this song first time when I listened Ari Koivunen's new CD. I love this song <3!! But who did this song? Billy Joel himself?

Billy! | Reviewer: Grace | 8/19/07

I absaloutly (spelling check) love this song! Im only 13 (and a girl). My dad had introduced me to people like Billy Joel, Billy Idol, Duran Duran, and heaps of others. I introduced myself to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink The Beatles is my favourite band of all time =] Agreed?

What a Song | Reviewer: Michael Dimitrov | 7/27/07

I think this is the best song of all only 14 but i have done music since i was 6 and its filed with evry thing.....its excellent....its defenitiantly my favourite song and i first heard it when i was about 3....its absoulutly wonderful mum and dad heard this when they were about 21 and itll pass thru every generation......excellent song

Timbo | Reviewer: Timbo | 7/27/07

Whoever wrote these lyrics were on some other planet. younger is not spelled yonger! GO TO SCHOOL DUMBASS!!!