Reviews for Only The Good Die Young Lyrics

Performed by Billy Joel

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Good Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/08

Personally all religion is foolish. But I like this song as one of Billy's classics. Basically its just saying Catholics that work so hard to stay "pure" need to enjoy themselves because death can come at any day.

Guys gotta chill | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/08

It's a song, and a really good one. I'm personally a catholic (a guy, though) and I think it's a wonderful song. The beat, the lyrics, everything is wonderful. I don't agree with that line "I'd rather laugh with the sinners", but I still found it to be a very powerful line to me. I'm sorry to all who are easily offended (the ones who probably got this song banned back when it first debuted in '77), but you need to chill. Billy Joel is an outstanding artist.

I"m a catholic girl... | Reviewer: Joyce | 2/17/08

and back in the day, catholic girls were supposed to be quite the conquest because they were supposed to be so chaste and virginal. So for a guy to convince one to have sex was like a major deal. Of course by the time I hit my Catholic HS, there were numerous pregnant girls in my class alone! (some were easier to convince than others, it seems!) To me that's all the song is. He's trying to convince her to let go and have sex and enjoy life. I love this song!

WOW!! | Reviewer: Jim Furgintine | 1/26/08

You know, I actually liked the song before reading the lyrics, but now, I think it is a very disturbing song for me to be hearing, and I thought it was going in a completeley different direction.

heaven is much better than life. | Reviewer: Dave Walsh | 1/26/08

i feel that billy has the wrong interpretation on life. he says he'd "rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints" but whoever said the saints were crying. the way i see it, life on earth IS purgatory, you make your decisions in life, whether to be good or evil, if you are good all your life, you will die young and move on to a better place, if you are evil, God will give you an infinite amount of chances to become good. and i know what you are all thinking, everyone dies at some point yes? well this is true, but everyone will be good at some point too, this is why they die. All im saying is, the longer it takes you to realize you're evil, the longer you will live on earth. But the minute you realize to do all that is good, you WILL die. But that is what you want. Because heaven can be all that YOU want it to be. So instead of interpreting this song, take a chance to interpret GOOD. What actually is GOOD in this life, and what actually is bad????? That is for you to find out. Don't let the media, politicians, and so on, mask you from it.

only the good die young | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/08

chill song... and how true is it, that only the good die young, think of all the great artists that we lost to soon (even if that isnt particularly what this song is about)

Hello | Reviewer: Kelsey | 1/11/08

I know, as soon as I was old enough to know the lyrics and sing along (maybe five at the latest. I'm 14 now) I always thought the meaning of this song was half figurative, half literal. Like, yes, he's trying to convince her to have sex, but she wants to (or doesn't want to) because she knows that if you don't go out and do something wrong and crazy, you'll die young. Just the luck of averages kind of thing...

By the way, disregarding the interpreting for a minute, he wrote the song for a girl back in his high school named Virginia Callahan, a girl he liked, but she never gave him a second glance. If she ever figured out that it was about her, bet she's sad she ignored him now that the song is a major hit... well, more than major, frankly.

wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/07

umm. in my opinion,

you people are trying too hard to analyze this.

i don't think it's supposed to be stating how corrupt the church is and shit..

i think it's just about a teenage boy trying to convince "virginia" to have sex with him
but i dont think its ALL sex.
i think hes pretty much saying "DONT BE SUCH A PRUDE!"


even though theres nothing wrong with chastity.

oh. yea. and the comments are for interpretations of the song

there are about 3 on the first page alone that are like "dont people just ENJOY music anymore?"

real fucking original. get over it. people will keep interpreting it.

well, thats my opinion.


Good song | Reviewer: Alisha | 12/28/07

I think only Billy Joel will ever know the meaning of this song and that it doesn't actually have a meaning. He did exactly what he wanted and it worked. Everybody keeps coming back to listen to it find the "true meaning." I say just enjoy the song and live a little yourselves.......

Side Note | Reviewer: Larka | 12/24/07

I appreciate that this Comments section is mainly about how to interpret the lyrics of the song, and there are a lot of interesting concepts out there, but I've read a certain phrase too many times to let it go - 'It's about the music, not the lyrics'. Personally I think that if it WERE about the music and the lyrics were unimportant, then there wouldn't BE lyrics to the song.

And as was stated in a few reviews before - Billy Joel himself said it was fairly literal - 'It's not so much anti - Catholic as it is pro - lust'

only the good die young | Reviewer: jim ski | 12/21/07

this song speaks the truth. i have been forced to go to church my whole life, so i know what all happens there. the mother and the daughter in this song were lead to believe that they were better then other people because they were catholic. the church is as corrupt as the government. and its so true that sinners are much more fun. amen.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/07

you know i've gone to a catholic school my entire life, and i've heard this song quite a few times, but i looked up the lyrics today, and i must say it made me chuckle. by the way, i agree with the others who have said that louise is intelligent beyond her years, and i personally think hers is the best review on here. on the other hand the truth remains that very few catholic girls would hold out long enough for a guy to write a song to convince them. sad but true.

yeesh | Reviewer: Raechl | 12/7/07

does anybody just enjoy songs anymore? the great thing about art is that, yes, it can be interperated differently by every living soul. that's the great part about it, though, isn't it? wouldn't you rather see it in relation to your own life versus other people's?

Louise is right! sit back and enjoy. stop overthinking; put your mind on standby and live!

philgraydesign | Reviewer: philgray | 12/4/07

i can't help but wonder if i was that smart when i was 13 [refering to the review/summation by Louise]. thankfully i don't have to read through all the reviews because you have done all the hard work for me already Louise. Great work, great song. I'm with you, let's enjoy...

billys great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

It is completely and totally about sex. You can take it to an even greater level when you consider that "To die" is a sexual euphemism meaning to have an orgasm. Shakespeare commonly used this to describe sexual relations. And since the song is about trying to have sex with this catholic school girl, he's talking about living life to the fullest, having fun and getting laid

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