what brings us together | Reviewer: M.S. Woodley | 7/24/14

this song demonstrates the tell tale signs of having more incommon with your fellow man. sexism,classism,racism- at the end or the day WE have more incommon; human emotion and vibing off of Billy's song is where its at. hands down one of the greatest songs written simply do to our common human emotion. Thanks Billy!

True love | Reviewer: Nan | 6/14/13

This was my late husband favourite song it told me every thing he felt about me in the 51years of marriage he was never demonstrative and this song expressed our love for each other I never hear it with out it bring back many memories thanks billy joll

Helps Comfort Disabled Veteran Husband | Reviewer: Disabled Veteran's Wife | 2/2/13

This song comforts my retired Navy husband who is 100% disabled from multiple severe injuries during 23 years of active duty. He is the love of my life, always has been, and always will be.
We have gone through many good times and bad times, and we face many more in the future, I'm sure, because of his limitations and pain. This song best expresses my feelings, and best comforts him, calming him when his anxiety is high.
The music complements the lyrics with its mixture of moderately calm tones with the upbeat tempo. May other veterans know that many family member, whether relatives or wives and husbands, all love them still, and the veterans are always accepted 'just the way they are,' through good and bad times.

visions | Reviewer: Khunjulwa | 8/30/12

I am 39, single,do not want to get married, but, last night, someone played this song for me and I could see myself walking down the aisle with this song playing! me! haha I do not even have a boyfriend haha

Timeless Hit! | Reviewer: Will | 4/19/12

This is one of those songs that will never get old. It speaks from the heart and is so sincere that you cant help but get caught up in how simple it is and the way it defines loving someone for who they are or for lack of a better term just the way they are

Thank you Gayle ! | Reviewer: another billy joel fan | 12/3/11

Your words are so touching, yet it hurts me to think of all those years that you were led to think otherwise.

On the other hand, you are now on track like we should all be. Keep on spreading the good word!

Changed My Life...Seriously! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/11

I have loved this song since Billy Joel first released it. I longed to be loved like that but I believed I never could me loved like that. I learned from a very young age I was not loveable just the way I was. My perception (then and up until now) they only let me live with them as long as I was a "good girl." I was so "good" I wouldn't tell on them when they sexually, physically and emotionally abused me.

Two weeks ago, God put this song into my mind while I was praying. I started crying. I listened to the song on YouTube and cried again. I read the lyrics and cried again. Could it be true that God loves me just the way I am? Me?!? Couldn't be! But God DOES love me just the way I am! Incredible! All my life I had wrongly believed I had to please Him to get Him to love me and I was sorely lacking.

Suddenly a very dark place in my soul lit up with this truth. I told all my friends about it and cried as I was telling them.

Last week I realized that my family and friends love me just the way I am. What?!? Me?!? Couldn't be! I believed I was not loveable to anyone and that they would leave me if I didn't please them. I lived in constant fear I would lose them. This was amazing! I didn't even have to ask them because I knew the truth. I have been telling them all: "I love you just the way you are!" It's even my email signature now.

Truly, this is life changing. I can't believe it's true; but I know it is!

Billy Joel, I thank God for you and your music. My He bless you abundantly.

I love you just the way you are,



Wonderful | Reviewer: April | 11/19/10

I love this song. I'm not a music critic, but it's a great ballad, and to be honest, waaaaaaaay better than the one Bruno Mars sings. I don't blame this song for becoming a hit way back in the 70's. Billy Joel is awesome!

just as I am | Reviewer: Tina | 11/14/10

Never get tired of this song. So special to me. My favorite part when he says: I don't want clever conversation, I don't want to work that hard, I just want someone that I can talk to...I struggled with praying until God sang this song to me one night. Jesus loves all of us just the way we are!!

luv this song | Reviewer: Janine | 9/1/08

i was looking for a first dance sing for me and my fiancee's wedding. and have picked this because i believe its absolutely perfect!! even my fiancee loves it!!! i have been a billy joel fan since i was 12, now i am 25 and still love him. im so happy with my choice!!!!!

Another wedding song for me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/06

what more can you say to THE ONE you marry,what a beautiful first dance song

Unforgettable love song!! | Reviewer: OZ | 8/12/05

This song is one of Billy's best!!! The words are simple but the arrangements and Billy's hooks on the words make it a magic song!!! It's UP THERE along with the likes of Mandy (Manilow) and Today (Jefferson Airplane)!!!!!!!!