are you fucking stupid? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/10

Just because the music rhymes, doesn't automatically make it rap. If you've ever actually listened to the song, you can clearly tell it's country, and it's a damn good song too. And who cares if they added Jesco White? If you are going to go around complaining about every song that uses someone famous in it, you have a lot more bitching left to do...

Really? | Reviewer: Ali | 2/26/10

The reason they made the songs was most likely for fun. They are a great band, and you shouldn't be bashing them for one song, No one said they couldn't make songs that are different than anyone elses. Who cares if they "rap" like you guys are saying, It's great music and People out there actually love them.

You really want something different? | Reviewer: John | 2/9/10

Then buy an album. Go on iTunes right now and buy Shooter's album. Buy Jamey Johnson's while you're there. As long as this and Taylor Swift are the only things selling, that's what Nashville's going to turn out. It's a business, people. They produce this stuff for the same reason Ford makes trucks and McDonald's makes shitty hamburgers ... that's what people want to buy.

wow people, listen up. | Reviewer: Jake | 12/21/09

this is a true country song.. wat i hate is people like u get mad over lyrics.. It is just a song this aint like the rap world country song writers aint going around bashing other country singers on purpose. Ya it happens sometime but get over it.. Grow up you fuckin idiot it is just lyrics

sad truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/09

nashville doesnt give a shit about your opoion tho, niether mine. i agree this isnt what country use to be but the rap scence changes to. its music it never stays the same. big and rich sings to a younger community of kids. im 21 i like alota there music. crank the shit on a friday night. its good party music for everyone even if they dont like country

Big n Rich Blow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/08

They have no right using Jesco White in any song of theirs. He is a true country icon. i hate that Nashville keeps dishin out shitty pop music and claiming its country. Please somebody save country music, Shooter I'm lookin at you.

BiG & RiCH RULE | Reviewer: Jackie | 5/21/07

Love the song, love the band, keep on doin' wat u doin' BiG & RiCH.

Piece of Crap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/06

What an insipid piece of shit. I was forced to learn this for a band I'm in. Yuk.

Are they kidding? | Reviewer: Confused music fan | 11/30/05

I get the feeling these guys are "laughing all the way to the bank". It's like the Kramer painting. It disgusts me, but I can't look away.