Straight up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/13

Big L definitely held it down when it rocked the mic. No doubt about that. Comparing him to another emcee wouldn't do any justice. He was ahead of his game. He would have put to shame 90% of "rappers" today if he was still alive. RIP. Often immetated, but never duplicated.

wu tang??? | Reviewer: chris | 10/21/10

Aight let me say this Wu Tang is GREAT. GZA is one of the greatest MC's to ever walk the face of the planet and RZA is def one of the best producers of all time and that's not even mentioning meth, odb, and the others, but I don't think it's appropriate to say Big L was the greatest second only to Wu Tang. I feel like they aren't comparable like that. He was a different style of emcee and I also felt like his range for the TYPE of hip hop song he could do was greater than most members of wu tang. Some of his shit is pure battle raps, some of it is serious, and some is just dumb hot with no real meaning. Almost all of Wu Tang is just INTENSE with exception of a few songs (like Jah World)

Wu Tang is also very unique and can't really be compared to much else.

Really the only emcee that reminds me of Big L is Celph Titled but not because they sound alike, but Celph delivery and set up for his punchlines his very reminiscent of Big L

lyrical destruction | Reviewer: jb | 11/15/09

Big L is a lyrical genius, but I disagree with Wutang. They are definitely an incredible rap group, but I think Jeru the Damaja is one of the sickest lyricists to ever step foot in the game. Listen to Come Clean, Murdera, Dirty Bomb, or How Ill. Anything off of the Sun Rises in the East is fucking sick.

PREACH THA TRUTH | Reviewer: JamesC | 10/27/09

Big L was a lyrical genius. Second only to the Wutang Clan, and post Biggie/Tupac. This song is amazing, the words are just so meaningful cuz he lived that life. Its too bad cowards had to shoot him 12 times in the chest and face. RIP BIG L YOU LIVE ON THRU UR MUSIC HOMIE

DAMN.... | Reviewer: rest in peace big L | 8/23/08

This is some real shit! My favorite song from Big L the man his'self! and the lyrics are correct as hell! This song is so real and what a ill beat. Fucking sucks L died I really cried when I heard that. Damn if he was still here the rap game would've been crazy! His life was about to really change for the better before his death. Man! Rest In Peace Big L, Lamont Coleman. Its so fk sad thinkin if he was still alive all the HOT shit he would put out. Life is crazy